The Medical Center of Aurora: Patient Testimonial

(easy listening music) – Hi, my name’s Kat Johnson. I live in Lone Tree, Colorado, and I get treatment at the
Medical Center of Aurora. I wasn’t feeling well, so I went to Centennial Medical Center. They transferred me over
to Aurora the same day, and I was diagnosed with stage
four, Hodgkin’s lymphoma. In five days, I started treatment. I was to (mumbles) treatment
until at least December. And, the scariest part
was, I wasn’t quite sure what was going to happen,
because nobody in the family, including me, had any
idea what kind of cancer we were dealing with. I definitely wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for the
amazing care of the hospital, from just being there,
meaning when I needed it, to accommodating my entire family. The most memorable thing
about the whole time I’ve been here is, I ended up staying through Thanksgiving, and for my family, they moved me into a larger room so we could do an entire
Thanksgiving dinner. They even let Baxter
up on the bed with me, so everyone could eat. The most important thing I’d like to say to the oncology staff, is, that you guys are amazing. And, no matter how this turns out, I love you all so much. You’ve become more than
a second family to me. And, I don’t know if I could’ve
made it as far as I have, without you guys. I love you all. (easy listening music)

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