The Kelsey-Seybold Clinic Contact Center for Scheduling Appointments

– Thank you for calling
Kelsey Seybold appointments. Alexis speaking how may I help you? Okay, I can check that for you no problem. May I please have your
first and last name? May I also have your date of birth please? (gentle music) Thank you. The last four digits of your social? (operators mumbling) Was there any specific day
you were looking to come in? For Dr. Hobart he does have an
11:45 available this morning, and then he has afternoon openings. (keyboard clicking) Okay, yes, sir, one moment
I’ll get you scheduled. You’re welcome. To confirm your visit will be today, September 10th 11:45 with Dr. Hobart at the Clear Lake
location family medicine. Yes, sir. He’s asking if you can arrive 10 minutes prior to check in with insurance card, ID and co-pay if necessary. Okay, and if you’ve had
any medication changes if you could please bring
those or a list to your visit. (gentle music) Was there anything else
I can help you with? Well, thank you, it was my pleasure, and thank you for choosing
Kelsey you have a great day. (gentle music)

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