The Johns Hopkins Hospital Nursing Professional Practice Model: Our Values in Action

>>Female Narrator: From the
opening of its doors in 1889, Johns Hopkins Nursing has been a force in leading the high reputation
for quality patient care and nursing excellence and innovation. For over 125 years, Johns Hopkins nurses have made a commitment
to setting the standard in nursing excellence, advancing practice, and elevating the role of nurses, both here and around the world. At the heart of Hopkins nursing excellence are our professional values. Our professional practice model represents our values in action, and is the foundation for
our nursing excellence. Our commitment to caring
for patients and families is central to everything we do.>>Male Narrator: The
five foundational pillars of our professional practice are.>>[Second Female Narrator] We care.>>[Third Female Narrator] We influence.>>[Fourth Female Narrator] We empower.>>[Second Male Narrator] And we excel.>>Male Narrator: When we draw together all of these elements into
our practice, we achieve.>>[Fifth Female Narrator] This is our professional practice model. Written in our words. As Johns Hopkins nurses, we
understand that achievement takes working together, collaboratively, in service of something greater than our individual contributions. When we achieve, we provide exceptional patient and family-centered care, through excellence and discovery, optimizing our scope of practice, and engaging in lifelong learning.>>[Sixth Female Narrator]
As Hopkins nurses, we not only care for our
patients and their families, we care about them. By engagin’ with patients
and their families, by communicating, by carin’
for the whole person, we show that we care.>>[Seventh Female
Narrator] As Hopkins nurses, our commitments of a highest
quality patient-centered care requires robust inquiry
and critical thinking. Collaborative interaction
and knowledge-sharing among health care professionals.>>[Eighth Female Narrator]
We influence by moving beyond our own specific expertise. We engage and influence our
colleagues and our leadership. We share our learning and our teaching.>>[Ninth Female Narrator]
Our ability to govern our professional practice is characterized by mutual accountability and trust. Our empowerment comes
from shared governance as we work together to make decisions that improve our nursing
practice and patient care. As Hopkins nurses, we are
proud of the high standards of care and practice that
we set for ourselves, and we believe in the capability of ourselves and our colleagues.>>[Third Male Narrator] We
embrace mindset of abundance, believing there are many
paths to advancement, and numerous possibilities
for success and reward. We excel by reaching new
heights to grow and improve. We believe that learning is lifelong, and we embrace innovation and excellence.>>[Tenth Female
Narrator] Because we care, because we influence, because we empower, and because we excel, we achieve. Every day of every year, all in service of our patients and families.>>Woman: We welcome you.>>Second Woman: We welcome you.>>Man: We welcome you.>>Third Woman: We welcome you to our community of professional practice. (gentle music)

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