The Israeli Hospital Admitting Syrian Fighters: The War Next Door (Part 2)

of animal DNA minatomirai WT should Hotel flora can you make that a solid a shingle I’m a magician if I’m either via honest I’m a second of idea what the whanau tahi with Fernando by a housefly area this into this was very severe injuries what do you think would happen to them if they came back and people found out they were in Israel there may be killed [Music] [Music] we’re here in the Galilee in Israel we’re on our way to a hospital and the interesting thing about this hospital is that they’re actually treating casualties from the war in Syria on this side of the border and that’s pretty unprecedented because you wouldn’t expect people from Syria a sworn enemy of Israel to want to come here to get medical treatment but the Israelis have opened their borders and they’ve actually allowed quite a few people to get treatment so hopefully we’re gonna get to meet some of them dr. Amer Hussein oversees the efforts to treat Syrians here at the ZIF Medical Center is it dangerous for them to try to come here to seek treatment yes it’s very dangerous because that isn’t the one people come to Israel what do you think would happen to them if they came back and people found out they were in Israel they may be killed but I understand that some of your patients are actually fighters from the various factions at the bus the first you want to see also the emergency sure they’ve actually treated 420 Syrians in this hospital alone but they’ve treated a thousand three hundred overall since the start of the conflict in Syria here in Israel almost all have been men so it’s not a stretch to assume that many are fighters we were curious if any belong to the al-qaida affiliated rebel group Chapa al-nusra that now controls the other side of the border but dr. Hussain tells us this would be impossible the army here changed the policy and don’t bring again fact there’s only only civilian people and the first time yes there was fighters again a soldier for the revolution but after no fighters only civilian people you can see children’s we can see where old people smoke five different day I noticed in your statistics that 90% of the people you treat here are men are you sure no no no none of them are fighters this question clearly made the doctor uncomfortable maybe justifiably so the Israeli public might not be too keen on the fact that Israeli doctors are helping fighters who hate Israel only a bit less than they hate the Syrian regime in Syria’s Civil War today more than a thousand factions are fighting each other and the regime for control of the country to date more than 190,000 have died in the conflict and even the tallest fences can’t stop ripples crossing the borders have you ever seen casualties like this in your experience no no but I mean you treat soldiers from either each other from the Lebanon – yeah from the rockets of this Bala yes but like this injury is very severe injuries this patient is a recent arrival no one knows much about him because he’s been unconscious since he got here he says vascular injuries abdominal fracture of the bone lodged thoughts we think caused his injuries I teach more blast injuries and so he hasn’t been able to say anything since he got here he doesn’t even know he’s in Israel we head into another room where three wounded Syrian fighters have been convalescing since July to quickly covered their faces with blankets but we could see the characteristic long hair of Islamist fighters outside an IDF soldier remains on guard 24 hours a day one of the three agreed to talk to us 25 year-old Mohammed who says he’s a fighter for the Free Syrian Army a collection of western-backed rebel groups that may be valid for O’Hanlon shufai and Eva fears over to remove yourself in Chennai listen SMS personal attack Kenneth P a banana bomb fear geez well of Manhattan admit failure there he said rebels work through a neutral intermediary to deliver him to IDF soldiers uh-huh well Sun up say yon Island mcafee initiation with the Canadian working people find out that you’ve been to Israel do you think they might suspect you of being a spy or something ha Oh gentlemen Minato Tokyo – al-haj I am NOT the Kaurava a little bit that our feel of me at all can you make the decision element is me by me the viewer who under my second of idea what one mouthful nobody has fire don’t tell how are you I’m sorry feature had put honestly Danny I mean environment mother and it got a lot of my Sava mocha renewed for a destroy I’m Nadia aw mr. hypocrite or kinda destroyed when your treatment is finished do you hope to go back to fight against Assad again I wanna end the haughtiness of our village Laird even better conserve a leash way okay oh yeah the son of you thought I might go poison I can who are you fighting when you got injured was a jabhat al-nusrah or was it the army no I just wish there were two Musleh anymore I think asourian the worst Lannister machine jabber to move on again oh I never saw him again and he tell about the mushy I could be in a smoking and how come hi any Islamia you should tell father Michigan any matter darlin adopted out he had have in Navarre for cutlery [Music] that was a big one beautiful scenery yeah it’s a weird juxtaposition being over here so close to it and you know pretending that you’re just on a nature trail you know some tourists can because of that you get like people that want to see that you don’t have a lot of spots where you can be like observers from the side to drink coffee to sit by and see like a war zone

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    Look at 3:15, you can see the Jew's tail
    Again at 4:32, LIZARD EYES
    Play 6:78 backwards and there's a hidden message about Jews and crocodiles being blood-brothers
    Nice try, Zionists

  2. ISIS = Israeli Secret Intelligence Service
    Think about it, when was the last time you heard of Muslims or Arabs using acronyms?
    The Jews are just trying to ruin Islam from within, by brainwashing and luring Arabs with money & Oil. 

  3. it must be really weird knowing that the guy next to you in a hospital might be the person you were fighting with the other day

  4. to people who say israel is only helping sryia rebels but still hates other arabs. Notice that the DOCTOR working WITHIN ISRAEL is also an arab

  5. So Jabhat al-Nusra, aka al-Qaeda in Syria, – the terrorists who carried out the Sarin gas attack in Syria, attempting to get US in to destroy the government – and their friends FSA are being suported by Israel. Is anyone suprised? No wonder the war on terrorism is a joke. No wonder Hesbalah is helping out the Syrian government. No wonder Israel & US are not well liked internationaly.
    I like Americans and Israelies – hang in there, alot of people want to help liberate you from your terrible tyranical regimes.

  6. if they treat them Soldier Hezbollah (Shiites), and soldier isis or Jabhat al nusra (Sunni) in the same hospital its going to be a disaster.

  7. Will the Syrian fighters and civilians be thankful and pay it forward by being respectful to the Israel doctors saving their lives?

  8. i guess Israel doesn't want to befriend with future airstrike targets,come to think they are just 1 mile away or shall i say a mortar round away from the border side.

  9. Israel helpinh the Ak-Nusra Front, a branch of Al-Qaeda and many of whose members belong to ISIL. — So much for Israel being a "friend" of the United States.

  10. The supposedly Jabhat Al Nusra Syrian man keeps saying he's entering israel, but he's infact entering Syrian Golan Heights.

  11. Hey guys i have a friend that was in the I.D.F. and he saw people on the other side Egypt crying for food and water and my friends as a soldier went to help them… and guess what??? he was murdered b/c he was a Jew… we try to help every one… in Turkey we used to help in earthquakes, we offered help in pakistan, we were the first and the only one out of 2 hospitals that we built in the Bahamas after the huriccane, i have a friend that went to help in the far east after the title wave…
    by the way i never hear about the much richer countries around us like Qatar help them, even though i know they buy football clubs in the millions and support terror and build amazing buildings

  12. So Israeli is not human, becuase they are treating terrorists? Does letting people die is human? goddmit anti-semits will always find a way.

  13. We all see now who is behind this supposed "freedom revolution" (in fact looting and destruction mission) in Syria. FSA, Nusra no matter the fake name, its all imperialist troops trying to grab the oil and gas.

  14. I don't have problems with FSA.
    But why admitting nusra front and other jihadists? thats just wrong

  15. Israel doesn't help people, everyone will go mad at them. They do help people, everyone still goes mad. Why can't you Nazis jihadis just get a life?!?!

  16. Amazing how much brainwased some people are that even when Israel helps those poor ppl, they find a way to slander israel while their own country is doing probably NOTHING.


  17. When israel provides medical attention to the people of syria: These zionazis do it just so ppl would love them
    If israel wouldent give medical attention to the people of syria: UGH AND ISRAEL THESE FUCKS DONT EVEN CARE ABOUT WHAT'S GOING ON IN SYRIA WIPE ISRAEL OFF THE MAP!!!

  18. its funny how people like them hate Israel but at the end of the day when they need treatment they don't mind going to Israeli hospitals because they know they will receive high quality treatment hypocrisy at its finest !

  19. "Israel only treating syrian terrorists" I just watched another video where little syrian children who were injured by bombs being treated in Israel. so are these small children terrorists too??

  20. WAR should be made illegal still don't fully understand this unrest so many people have been callously murdered on both sides

  21. Israelis sit, have coffe, observe war zones, a bit of heavy shelling, smoke a joint, have a cigarette…the new dawn of israeli entertainment…Gaza is entertainment…Syria now is entertainment…

  22. Al Nusra and Al Qaeda are the Rebels. This is just proof that Isreal is helping Sunni Wahhabi terrorists that are trying to illegally overthrow the Assad government.

  23. Doctors in "israel" helping the al-Nusra/ISIS scumbags. But don't worry khazars, once the SAA, Hezbollah and the Pasdaran will have finished with the salafi bitches, they'll focus on the zionist pimps…

  24. Proverb about the people of Israel:
    They know the truth, but they refused to accept it, because it's not in their interest.
    Indeed, the Israeli military and medical aid to international terrorism issue is clear. But Israel refused even to accept it, as does the killer never accepted his crime.
    And worst of all, is that Israel is opposed to the war against terrorism (ISIS). Why ?.
    Because it is in favor of it.
    Because of this situation, other people do with the genocide Israel.
    Because when ISIS kills children. No one with the killing of Palestinian children in Israel are crucial.
    Because their blood is redder than the rest of the world
    All people are guilty world (Iran, Germany, Palestine, etc.) but they are oppressed.
    Once the Holocaust happened and they heard were filled.
    But they were years of genocide and who accuse them of not

  25. Fucking great, long hair, Islamist fighter 👌👌👌😊😊😊🇮🇱🇮🇱🇮🇱 fuck you Israel

  26. How do you know these are IS fighters? Why do people think they're with IS? Did they say they were?? Or were they with other kinds of rebel groups?! Don't make up lies people.

  27. again dose are not isis get medical help.. and even if one them will come to the border israel will help him and then jail him

  28. Israel has made a huge mistake in providing medical treatment to any Islamic fighters. They will come back and attack Jews as they always have done. What is wrong with Israeli people?

  29. Esos tipos heridos NO SON combatientes "sirios" son LOS TERRORISTAS YIHADISTAS DECAPITADORES venidos de todas partes del mundo para combatir contra el ejército sirio. ISRAEL APOYA TODA CLASE DE TERRORISMO, tal como lo hacen ellos con los palestinos. Qué manera de manipular y engañar con informaciones FALSAS. Este canal trabaja para ee.uu. y todo su combo. Saludos.

  30. These wounded guys aren't Syrian fighters, they are jihadist terrorists beheaders come from all over the world, so it is please, you no longer distort the reality of what happens in Syria. Regards.

  31. The rebels hate more Israel than Assad …
    They just taking money and help from everyone before stabbing them back, exactly like Osama Bin Laden did with the US after Afghanistan war (9/11/2001)…

  32. It's not really surprising to see Zionists helping Wahhabis. They're both terrorists with evil ideologies

  33. Further validating proof Israel sponsors and helps terrorists; it's not enough that the IDF is a terrorist force, but they also help Al Qaeda terrorists as well.

  34. only in israel you can see it israel have a good heart israel also helping to the enemy see how israel love peace😢💘love israel

  35. Saving their sworn enemy: Heartstopping footage shows Israeli commandos rescuing wounded men from Syrian warzone – but WHY are they risking their lives for Islamic militants?

  36. People im from israel what so hurt to you we help to them and you are shity countries not so do you siad we help isis wtf

  37. Israel, the slum dog of America, is dancing on the power of USA or Israel is nothing. Israel want to maneuver middle-east with the problem of terrorism and want to develop itself without any problems. Israel and USA are first 2 helper which helping terrorists by giving instruments. I pray to Allah as if Israel will be removed eternally.

    Middle-east think about it profoundly and destroy Israel. 😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😠😡

  38. Undoubtedly Israel is helping terrorists by giving instruments.
    Israel is nothing without USA it is dancing on the power of USA. Israel is the 🚽 toilet of America that's why it takes help from USA.

  39. Why the doctor got confused when the reporter mentioned the treatment of FSA fighters in the Israeli hospitals and quickly changed the subject ??????

  40. All of these wounded people are ISIS soldiers, (Jabhat al-nusra, Nouruddin al zinki, Al qaeda), all of them have been fighting by naming themselves as Free syrian army, Infact all of these scum are Wahabi ISIS terrorists? And Why would Israel help them? Simple, Because all of them want Assad out, ISIS is acting as a proxy serving for the interests of the illegitimate state of israel.
    As always Keep on doing Propaganda, Vice.
    We can see through your bullshit now.

  41. "al Nusra is not that bad" says the "FSA" fighter with a freshly shaven beard.
    Cool story bro. That clown is ISIS or al Qaeda (al Nusra).

  42. propaganda …israel never allow media to cover the news….now they are allowing for what ?they are not syrian

  43. They're ISIS until they get injured and then they become ''Free Syrian Army'' when they go to Israeli hospitals. Then they go back to being ISIS when they go back to Syria

  44. If palastine had Israel they would not survive a fucking month vs all these corrupt leaders that surrounding them…

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