The International Modern Hospital Show 2011 – Panasonic booth highlights [Panasonic]

The “International Modern Hospital Show,” one of the largest tradeshows on health, medicine, and welfare in Japan, was held for 3 days beginning from July 13, 2011. Drawing on the group’s collective power, Panasonic introduced a wide range of products and technologies that provide practical solutions for the “entire field of medicine.” Please take a look at the various solutions. Panasonic believes healthcare and the medical field will be an important area for growth, so it has begun to actively undertake a wide range of activities. Panasonic would like to help make high quality healthcare and medical treatment available for all. Hospitals, clinics, and home-based healthcare, and realizing eco-conscious medical facilities – Panasonic aims to play an active role in these areas. First, let us introduce Panasonic’s “solutions for entire hospitals.” Panasonic showcased solutions for various areas of the hospital such as the outpatient department, examination rooms, and hospital wards that will help streamline the various processes and contribute to the hospital’s safety and security. What will play a great role in providing assistance in the hospital is Panasonic’s robotic technology. If you also combine the HOSPI robot with a robotic system for managing medication, which will automatically manage and dispense injection drugs, the operation within the hospital will become even more efficient. Panasonic also introduced the “automated drug packaging system” and the “robotic packaged drug monitoring system.” A cart that maintains an optimal temperature while delivering meals to patients in hospital wards was also exhibited. This is the “In-hospital Navigation System for Outpatients.” The outpatients are given a wireless LAN compatible pager with a screen on which the examination room and the number of patients waiting in line are shown. Solutions, which provide information and guidance that help decrease the stress patients feel in the hospital from the very moment they sign in, to the examination and check out, were introduced. In the corner designed to resemble an operating room, Panasonic introduced 3D monitors (prototype) that will enable you to simulate an operation and conduct virtual training with 3D images, which offers better perception of depth, and an “operation video solution” that will let you share the FULL HD footage of operations over the network with a large group of staff and store these images over a long period of time. Such imaging technologies unique to Panasonic drew much attention at the exhibition. Here are Panasonic’s “solutions for entire clinics.” This section showcased system solutions that help reduce workload of doctors and other medical staff. The “Medicom-HR” series, is a well-reputed, computer-based patient’s record system used in clinics. The system has been designed to be as easy to read as hardcopies, and doctors can customize the system to suit their own medical examination styles. The “Medicom-HR” series is highly appreciated as a computer-based patient’s record system that can help improve the quality of medical care. In this zone, a computerized system for pharmaceutical work, which supports various processes and helps improve work efficiency, “Pharness II,” and other solutions for health insurance pharmacy, and home-based healthcare were showcased. Other solutions such as tablet PCs for healthcare and a VR (virtual reality) program that helps with the architectural planning of hospitals were exhibited. The unique systems and solutions from Panasonic drew much attention at the exhibition. Panasonic will continue to be actively involved in the field of healthcare and medicine in order to help contribute to a healthy, comfortable lifestyle of people around the world.

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