The importance of Skincare in Your Clinic | Dr. Trevor Cates

Hi, I’m Dr. Trevor Cate’s, owner of
The Spa Dr. skincare line. I wanted to ask you, do you carry skincare products in your clinic? If you don’t, you might be missing out an opportunity for both yourself and your patient’s. You probably already talk to your patients about the toxins, the hormone disrupting chemicals that are in their air, water, food and personal care products, but are you providing an opportunity for them to get those products in your own clinic? They don’t, they’re busy, they don’t need to go to a different spot they don’t need to go to the health food store in addition to your clinic. They want to make it easy, so I knew that was really important but when I started doing the research I realized how important is to not only have clean non-toxic products, but also products that help promote the skin micro biome. So that’s why I created The Spa Dr’s daily essentials line for you, for your patient’s, for my patients, for myself, for all of us so that we can have the confidence knowing that you have an option of clean, non-toxic skincare with natural actives the right pH to help the skin microbiome and get the results without the worry of the health concerns. I’m so excited to have The Spa Dr’s daily essential skincare line available to you through Natural Partners.

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