The Importance of PSA Tests for Prostate Cancer – Ogden Regional Medical Center

(light music) – The prostate is an organ located at the base of the bladder. It assists in reproduction,
contributes to a portion of the ejaculate. As men age the prostate enlarges and gives men a condition called BPH or benign prostatic hyperpertrophy More concerning and more importantly is what we’d like to talk about today is as men age the prostate can get cancer. So PSA stands for
Prostate Specific Antigen. PSA is a protein made by the prostate and scientists in the early 1990’s discovered that patients
with prostate cancer have an elevated PSA. Usually when they detect an elevated PSA a patient is referred to a urologist who specializes in prostate cancer. Despite the current recommendations of the US preventative
task force services, I would like to take some time to review the recommendations for PSA screening by the American Cancer Society, The National Comprehensive Cancer Network, and the American Urological Association. Men should get get screened initially, have their initial PSA test and digital rectal examination at age 40. Men from 50 on up should have a PSA test and a digital rectal
examination every year until age 75, and others recommend screening until a patient
has a less then 10 year life expectancy. Prostate cancer first
of all is a very common disease process. We know that one in six
men get prostate cancer. In the United States in 2011 241,000 men were diagnosed with prostate cancer, and of those 241,000
men 31,000 actually died of prostate cancer. With PSA testing now the majority of men are diagnosed when the prostate cancer is still localized to the prostate. The only way in these early stages of prostate cancer we
detect prostate cancer is with a PSA test, the blood test. Unfortunately, by the
time men have symptoms that is bone pain, back pain, weight loss or inability to urinate
the prostate cancer has advanced far enough that
it is no longer curable. So the best way to detect
early prostate cancer that is treatable and
curable is with PSA testing. (light music)

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