The Hospital in the Sky (trailer), an OMEGA film about Orbis, starring Cindy Crawford

This is Orbis 1 an aircraft like no other. It is a fully-operational, totally self-sufficient
Flying Eye Hospital. Since 1982, this plane has flown
to more than 92 countries and saved the sight
of more than 23 million people. This year, my daughter Kaia and I
were lucky enough to spend time with these incredible people
in the far north of Peru. Patients come from far and wide
with the hope of getting an operation. Sometimes the mission is a little complicated
to figure who the best patient is. These are
life-changing human dramas set against
the spectacular landscapes of Peru, where ancient cultures meet state-of-the-art medical
and aeronautic technology. And when you come
on an Orbis trip your only job is
to try and make people feel better and help other people learn
how to make them feel better. This is a film full of hope, shining a light on the extraordinary good
that people can accomplish when they are focused
on a simple task: to do everything they can
to make other lives better. I’ve got to do a lot of amazing things
over the years but honestly,
I think this trip and this experience is definitely a highlight. Join us as we witness lives being rebuilt
one patient at a time, [THE HOPITAL IN THE SKY]
one country at a time on board
this extraordinary hospital in the sky.

12 thoughts on “The Hospital in the Sky (trailer), an OMEGA film about Orbis, starring Cindy Crawford

  1. Looking forward to the whole documentary; first one with Daniel Craig was very well done.   Amazing plane, amazing mission.

  2. I've honestly never seen a girl look more like her mother before seeing Cindy's daughter Kaia…talk about having a mini-me.

  3. I know someone could say oh… "It is just marketing by Omega" however that is exactly why I chose Omega. Omega is sponsoring projects like eye hospital on the airplane, planet conservation project where Omega has committed a portion of the proceeds from the sale of each of some watches to fully fund a project to preserve the mangroves & seagrasses in Southeast Asia & to educating the local population about the importance of conserving the natural resources, Olympic involvement. My money goes a long way with Omega

  4. Orbis is a very worthy cause. I shot a short film a couple years back on Orbis while the plane was in Uganda. My hats off to Omega and Cindy for pushes content that matters.

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