The Hope Center Oncology Services at Cartersville Medical Center

Here at The Hope Center, we have so much that goes on. When a patient first comes through our doors we welcome them, and we want to make sure that they feel at home. We want to make sure that we promote more of a family atmosphere. We don’t want them to feel like they’re coming into a gloom and doom place. I want a patient to know that they can come to me for anything. That they can come to the therapists for anything. And we’re gonna take care of them, just as we would a family member. What patients see when they come in here is that there is continuity. The patient then feels, “hey, I’m not going somewhere that’s just a doc in a box” “I’m going somewhere that really cares. And the staff really cares about their patients.” So at The Hope Center, we take a multi-disciplinary approach to all of our cancer patients. We make sure that all physicians involved
in a patient’s care talk on a routine basis, usually a daily basis, honestly. We have medical oncology that’s just right upstairs. We have radiation oncology on the first level. And so even just this morning I had the medical oncologist just swing through with a cup of coffee and talk with me about a couple patients. That sort of collaboration happens on a daily basis. So it’s really a very ideal situation and setup for
multi-disciplinary care. Another aspect of the program here at The Hope Center is the nurse navigators that we have on staff. And this is a very unique service. If there are patients that are worried about very complex appointment schedules their job is to ensure that nothing falls
through the cracks and we move through the cancer treatment process in the fastest manner possible. We have some of the latest technology that is available in the fight against cancer. The TrueBeam is an incredible machine. It allows us to treat nearly every type of tumor imaginable in the community, with a high degree of
competency, accuracy and safety. There’s no need to drive elsewhere when you can get quality cancer care close to home. If a patient has a need, The Hope Center Foundation does what they can to cover it. That is what allows our patients to get those taxi vouchers if they need food from food banks, to get the gas cards that they need. The ringing of the bell signifies the
end of their treatment. And we love celebrating that for the patients. It’s a feeling, like, I can’t even describe to anyone. I mean, it’s an achievement for both the patient and for us because we helped them get to that point. And I feel like at the very end of the day,
when we go home we need to be able to say,
“hey, we did the very best that we could.” And I feel like building those relationships with those patients, that’s the key to having great success.

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