The HeartCare Institute at Riverside Community Hospital

(bright music) – My daughter, she came
home to visit, and noticed that my ankles were very swollen. Through her insistence, I
finally saw a cardiologist. – I’m Dr. Patrick Hu. I’m an interventional cardiologist at Riverside Community Hospital. The types of cardiology that
dominate our practice, really, are patients with chest
pain that don’t get better with medication, patients
with rhythm disorders, as well as patients with
peripheral arterial disease, which is claudication. – When I first got the news
that I would have to have a quadruple bypass, I was concerned. After I got here, I was put at ease, and that was done through the staff. – We talk to the patient. You know, we always treat the patient, we don’t treat the
disease, and that’s the key with being a doctor as
well as being a good team. There’s a very good
rapport between the staff and the physicians as well. – We wanna make sure
that patients understand all of their discharge instructions, they understand the medications
they supposed to take when they’re at home, and
also make sure that they attend their follow-up appointments in order for them not to be
readmitted to the hospital. – I got a lot of telephone
calls from Community Hospital wanting to know how I was,
if I had any questions. – We’ve been doing this a long time here, and we have the resources
here to take care of heart disease in every aspect possible. – If a person would come and ask me what hospital should they
go to if they were having cardiac problems, I would steer them to Riverside Community Hospital. (bright music)

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