The health check of Balangala, an orphan bonobo

The health check of Balangala, an orphan bonobo, after his arrival to Lola ya Bonobo rehabilitation center. Kinshasa, Democratic Republic of the Congo Oral sedation You see the control there, the red line. It means that the test was working. He does not carry Hepatitis B, or C, or HIV. So we just finished the tests at the beginning
of the quarantine period of Balangala. Every new orphans who arrive at the sanctuary has to go through a quarantine with a surrogate mother. We take blood sample to be able
to test for different viruses, among others, Hepatitis viruses and HIV. We also tested for TB. They were all negative. Now we are counting the blood cells,
which allows us to see if he has any infection, bacterial, viral, or other. And I can tell there is nothing special to declare
in the case of Balangala, who is apparently in good health. So we have nothing left to do but to wait until he develops a strong
connection with his surrogate mom, before he joins his fellows at the nursery.

23 thoughts on “The health check of Balangala, an orphan bonobo

  1. First, thank you so much for uploading these. Can you please upload more videos, there is so little on Bonobos and I’ve watched them all multiple times. Would be great to get an extended video when he joins the nursery.

  2. Thank you for your videos. The bonobos are a beautiful creature. Please when you have time, upload more videos as there are so few on the bonobo apes.

    Thank you guys! God bless..

  3. Although somewhat primative for your labatory. It does suit well for your present location and surrounding elements. I'm just accustomed to using nitrile gloves whenever handling bio-products which need preventative practices. But your work is very appreciated and pleasing to know you're making such a difference for these orphaned chimps victimized by illegal bushmeat and other protected game! Thank you for your dedication and sacrifices!

  4. That baby is absolutely beautiful and soft and gentle and intelligent and needy. The woman caregiver seemed to give him some comfort and security as he held onto her when she emerged from the building. The three of them showed of concern and affection for the little one. That was nice to see. Please take good care this little one and the rest and we are grateful to you for protecting them and keeping them healthy and safe

  5. Get it and throw it in a microwave and set it to the surface of the sun temp for 30 seconds and if it lives then it's a good fuck tard if it dies then it was a good fuck tard! If it's a good fuck tard beat it on a daily basis so it knows what the wild is like and instead of feeding it food feed it heroin so it becomes hooked then take the heroin away so it becomes psychotic and rips it's eyes out and chews off it's own dick. Then it'll be ready for the wild.

  6. Thank you James Earl Cash for bringing that to my attention. Bonobos I like but the Chimps are psychotic at best. Chimps are best used for testing on.

  7. The practice of eating Bush meat is disgusting and vile. The great apes of which humans are share 97% DNA. That is too close for comfort. Bush meatΒ is like cannibalism.

  8. Big ELOGE 2 all the Doctor's vetreynar, & stuff at the sanctuary πŸ‘ They do a wonderful job with & for all the πŸ’ Bless them!! 😍

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