The Hartford HealthCare Bone & Joint Institute at Hartford Hospital

(light music) – This is the Bone & Joint Institute. (light music) First step inside and you’ll be wowed! It’s not just the best
physicians you’ll find here, it’s one of the most beautiful
hospitals you will ever see. Every detail created with
patients like you in mind. Outside, you might not realize it, this is all designed to reflect one thing: your life in motion. Because getting you moving is what the Bone & Joint
Institute is all about. Whatever orthopedic issue you might have, you’ll find the answers here. From prevention to surgery
and everything in-between. Here, you don’t just have your doctor but a whole team of specialists. The best physical therapists, leading-edge training equipment, all to get you back in the game. It all starts with the Assessment Center. This is where we figure out where you are. Is this prevention? Do you need more? Well it’s all right here under one roof. Upstairs you’ll find the most
up-to-date operating rooms and patient rooms that feel
more like a five-star hotel. Downstairs, athletes from all over are discovering the world-class Center for Musculoskeletal Health. Rehab has never looked like this before. You can learn how to get
more out of your workout with the Ultra-G or VO2 Max. Figure out how you should be moving in our Motion Analysis Lab so you could get back to your swing. – The vision of the Bone & Joint Institute is to be a worldwide leader
in musculoskeletal health. When a patient comes to
the Bone & Joint Institute, whether they enter through
the Rheumatologic Service where they come to our Hand Center, our Foot & Ankle Center, whether they need imaging
in our musculoskeletal fellowship-trained Imaging Center, every aspect of the Bone & Joint Institute was designed with a specific purpose: about the restoration of people’s care into life in motion. And we’re so excited. We’ve created an environment,
a culture and a team that delivers world-class health care. (upbeat music) – This is the Bone & Joint Institute. (upbeat music)

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