The Great Train Chase | Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror | Doctor Who: Series 12

We are entering a train carriage in motion
at kind of high speed. We’re sitting playing cards in a caboose,
what they call a caboose, on an old train. Quite happily minding our own business. And then the door opens and it’s the Doctor. Here we go, perfect getaway vehicle. Full speed, straight to New York. The Doc bursts in and introduces
Dorothy Skerritt and Nikola Tesla. I found these two. Welcome aboard the Orient Express,
we travel in style. Much to the delight of myself,
I discover that I’m in the presence of Nikola Tesla, which from one mind to another
is a very exciting moment in history. I am Nikola Tesla. I knew you looked familiar,
it’s only Nikola Tesla. Real recognise real you know. Another inventor to another,
science to science you know. Meeting Tesla, I imagine the Doctor is like…
That would be like meeting Beyoncé for me. I always wanted to meet you,
shame you’re a big fat liar. There’s an immediate disappointment in it,
because I’ve realised he’s keeping some information back. Which is, he’s got an alien weapon
and why has he? What does he know? And this I suppose is the stepping-stones
to the adventure that ensues. And we’re off again. And then this guy just comes in with a gun
and we just bolt it through the train. That was a great moment for us to do kind of homage,
some of the sorts of Spielberg, Raiders of the Lost Ark. All kinds of action movies. A chase through a vintage period train carriage,
you know is a lovely thing. It’s always great to have those sequences in this show. And we did our own stunts. And we jumped from a train to another train
and the gap was this big. We’ve all got to summon some bravery within us
to jump between the carriages. Thank goodness it was here at Roath Lock
and not on an actual train. Then they’ve got to help him get over. Yeah got to help me get over. Mind the gap. You can do this, give him that motivational speech,
from one of the train carriages to the other. Action. Just a jump, like we’ve done loads of times. You’ve got this. Ah, no way. She ain’t going to help him get over,
she’s just going to say the right words. She’s like listen, just do it bro, you know what I mean. –He’s like yeah I can
–You can do this, remember we did this last year and last week, just one big step. Yeah, big step for mankind. I didn’t need the parachutes,
you know the hand gliding things, the zip wire. I didn’t need that this time, just a little… I need to study that at my lab
it might be of great scientific import. It’s been really fun I suppose this season in the sense
we’ve come across quite a few legends of history. The Doctor’s friends are always
great audience surrogates. It’s great for those guys to be asking the questions
that we’re asking which is you know… Who is that person? Why are they important?
How do you know them? For me it was embarrassing admitting
what I don’t know about history and… I didn’t really know that much about Tesla.
So it was a great education for me personally. Nikola Tesla dreams up the 20th century
before it happens. Before you have X-rays, Tesla has shadowgraphs.
Before you have drones, Tesla has automatons. Before Marconi gets the patent for radio,
they have to take it from Tesla because he invents it first. His work on alternating currents,
helps electrify the world. I think that’s what’s really really lovely
about the historical episodes in this series as well, is bringing to light certain characters
and heroes really and pioneers that maybe didn’t get the recognition
in their lifetime. Observe, ladies and gentleman. For people to learn how brilliant Tesla was
and what he wanted to do with radio waves and what he wanted to do with electricity
and the whole bit. It’s extraordinary really.

55 thoughts on “The Great Train Chase | Nikola Tesla’s Night of Terror | Doctor Who: Series 12

  1. More eps like this. NO preaching, NO social justice, The Doctor had to put up an effort this time, but they still need some character development.

  2. It's strange to think that The Doctor has lived 14 lives and over 3,000 years and yet there are still people they haven't met yet.

  3. lots of people are whining about the doctor who has never met tesla before. excuse me, but jodie whitaker fangirling someone is gold. i loved the scene^^

  4. Not bad, but Russel T. Davies or Steven Moffat would have ade it better
    Hell even John Nathan-Turner was better than this idiot Chibnall

  5. The emotional storytelling and characters were great this week. The Skithra, while resembling the Racnoss, were below average.

  6. How did the Doctor and Nikola Tesla get on the train? I assumed by the Tardis, but he sees the Tardis for the first time later on. Great episode though.

  7. I'm on series 11 still, started Friday.
    Don't spoil it, also, I'm not allowed BBC iplayer when my mum's around.
    (She doesn't have it)
    13TH DOCTOR, GO!!

  8. Mandip: And we did our own stunts –
    Tosin: WAIT, that's my line.

    A few minutes later…

    Tosin: One big step for mankind…

  9. I bet it was weird for Bradley be on the good side the last time Anjli Mohindra who played Queen Skithra worked together it was on Sarah Jane Adventures. Bradley walsh was a baddy playing an alien clown.

  10. Probably one of the best Whittaker episodes. Jodie’s performance was great, Tesla’s performance was amazing, the story was good and there were actual motives for the villains. Not perfect, it sure has got its issues, but a good episode. Notice how it doesn’t tell you what to think and has no forced political agenda – perhaps it makes implications about using others work and taking the credit, but you see the truth for what happened at the time, rather than a political monologue.

    Edit: Also would love to say the music in this episode was absolutely brilliant! The way it swells as Tesla enters the Tardis. Brilliant editing and composition.

  11. The teleport onto the train, wow, what a sh!tshow, bread rolls downhill. Half the viewers since Chibnall started. We all pay for this incompetence. Get woke go broke.

  12. I got an idea for the next season or the one after the fam want to leave so they do and then k9 gets transported onto the tardis and he says to the doctor Sarah jane is in danger then they go to k9s coordinates and she's too late and Lukes over her body and the doctor invites him into the tardis

  13. Niagra Falls to train? Ohh – that just happened I guess! I'll get off your back about it!
    Tesla guy – absolutely owned the episode – brilliant acting! But….

    ALL past recent episodes: Doctor never takes the ship in to battle? What went wrong here!
    Why the hysteria by the Doctor when the shields were working? Doctor has been in equally desperate situations and was totally confident – confidence was what made the Doctor good!
    What happened to the Alien ship at the end? Was it destroyed? That's not the Doctors way – it just went without any explanation!
    What were the companions for? There was no chemistry, no action, just dull talking occasionally.

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