The Good Health Train – Mobile clinics in South Africa (1/6)

This train has
no first-class carriages and it rides on some
of the oldest rack in South Africa. It’s called Phelophepa
or the Good Health Train. The train’s mission
is to bring basic healthcare to the forgotten people
of rural South Africa. Its philosophy: a nation without
health is a nation without hope. Dr Lillian Cingo left England
six years ago to return to rural South Africa
where she was born and bred. 36 weeks a year, she and 40 staff and
medical students live on the train. Phelophepa
travels 10,000 miles a year to reach communities in need, taking two years to cover
the whole of the country. In the West, there are basic things
that everybody expects and has. There’s a doctor, a dentist and yet here people wait
for ten years, 30 years before they get seen. And the majority of people
do live in these rural areas.

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