The Good Doctor 3×11 Teaser Promo (HD)

– [Lea] Wanna talk about last night? – [Shaun] Lying in bed with her,
it felt different than it does with Carly. – [Morgan] Is this your weird way of
breaking up with Carly to get with Lea? – [Carly] Is there anything going on with Lea
that you’re not telling me? – [Narrator] The winter premiere of
The Good Doctor, January 13th on ABC

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  1. this is winter premiere they’re gonna give us something really good before they take a very long break and I am not ready for that.😅

  2. I think Shaun realized that he loves Lea when she went for a swim and he panicked and was almost about to jump in to save her.

  3. I really like carly. She tries her best to make shuan feel better. But Lea is a good character too. I like carly more 😭❤

  4. Shaun just had a meltdown and Lea has helped him more than 15 seconds and he feels more comfortable with Lea compare to Carly. Shaun do what is right pal tell Carly the truth

  5. ouch Shaun! This is so sad. I guess this is why Lea is still there. But Carly is a good woman. Maybe she deserves someone else. Though I am heartbroken, I still believe that your soul mate may not be your life partner. And Carly is the type you would want to be with forever and will stick with you through tough and tougher times.

  6. Am I the only one who is team Carly?? I love Lea but I think Shaun needs her as a best friend, separate from a romantic relationship

  7. Let's not forget that this show is based on the Korean version, which is the original, and on the original, if we translate, Shaun ends up with Claire, I love Leah and Shaun but, just dropping facts out there, however, I would totally love Leah and Shaun on U.S adaptation… But Claire is always on every single episode…

  8. I knew it! It was Lea, the problem is that he never stop caring/loving Lea! Hope this two can finally be together eventually❤❤

  9. Ok i fell know , why shaun cannt sex with carly because the truth love is with lea, and shaun now feel like that, but its hurt for carly, she good too for shaun

  10. I ship him with both women i feel like we just got to know lea on a more personal level vs carly. But carly definitely doesn't deserve the way shaun be doing her I wish she would've dipped on him when she wanted to

  11. Why can't Shaun just be himself? He's better off not getting involved with relationships with girls. I wanna see Shaun performing surgeries and saving lives. Not some romantic sappy drama 🙁

  12. That with Lea there is a lot of chemistry between them and always and dear Lea with Shaun, with Carly there is no chemistry between them the relationship is forced.

  13. i literally knew right when he let leah hold him like that something was up, it’s way more difficult to get even remotely close to carly for shaun.. i’ve been rooting for him and leah since they were first introduced to one another i just hope this doesn’t severe a friendship.. after everything with his dad he just can’t handle that.

  14. That moment when Shaun started hitting himself…….😭😭😭 made me wanna punch that man in his deathbed!!!

  15. For me this show reminds me of the stuff which was being turned out on TV in previous decades where you had 1 or 2 good actors carrying a lot of mediocre talent. And the writing is often annoyingly sentimental. There are too many cheap appeals to emotion with respect to the central character's autism. Pity, really because Freddie's work is largely excellent.

  16. Tell me why I think they are going to have Shaun break up with carly ie (which I hope happens) then have lea by seasons end sleep with shaun, she gets pregnant !

  17. At this point. I feel bad for Carly. You can tell that she really likes Shaun. Just for the writers to mess things up and go back to square one with the whole Lea and Shaun thing. It’s tiring and annoying already. GIVE CARLY A BREAK. She’s been doing her best and she’s been making the relationship work. Just for the writers to break her heart. If they were set in motion for the Lea/Shaun relationship. They should’ve never dragged Carly into a relationship with Shaun, period.

  18. How many ways can y'all screw up the spelling of these characters' names? First it's Shaun with a u, not Sean or Shawn. Second, it's Lea, not Leah!!!

  19. Damn so they're making an autistic doctor a player too! There's no hope for any woman at this point to have a good relationship! smh!

  20. So off topic but I am truly hoping for Dr. Melendez and Dr. Browne to become a thing! I looove them! Their chemistry in every scene is soooo wonderful to watch!

  21. Im beginning to dislike Shaun, he ask for advice but doesn't follow advice, he needs to stop going around Carly or Carly needs to dump him, im over his behavior with her, hes only with her because he doesn't want to be alone. A this point Im seeing him as spoiled.

  22. Carly does not deserve that: how many times has she been sexualy frustrated by shaun? At least, she deserves a hug! Lea is not stable, she is not a good person for shaun. But unfortunately, shaun seems to be in love with lea….

  23. Noooo please don't break Carly's heart, she deserves better. Both Lea and Carly care about Shaun, but Carly is one that has made it clear she sees him in a romantic way, not in a caregiver kind of way. Between Shaun and Carly they both have something to take away from the relationship, it's equal. With Lea, she's a free spirit who takes care of him, but do we know if she sees him romantically? I feel like for a strong relationship, you need both parties to want it.. I don't think Lea would truly want it, she sees him more like a little brother. Both of them are great, but I hope he doesn't ruin what he has with Carly for Lea 🙁

  24. Carly would have done the same thing as Lea did. Shaun would have liked it the same way! I want to see Shaun and Carly. Lea is a ——-

  25. Relationships can be hard, but hopefully things work out for shaun. And it be nice if claire and reznik became friends rather then rivals.

  26. Kinda unrelated, but is it just me or has Shaun’s and Claire’s friendship been completely forgotten? They both talk to Morgan and Park than to each other

  27. I don't like Leah for Shaun, although I did at first. She would have to truly redeem herself for it to happen. I feel bad for Carly, she was really trying. I hope there's a new love interest for Shaun that he can get close to.

  28. Oh no. Carly doesn't deserve this. After the constant rejection from Shaun and her patience and willingness to change how she approaches things….for her to just get dumped for Lea. Ew.

  29. Lea is better for Shaun, she understand and has more pacient than Carly. Lea is super sweet and Shaun deserve to be with someone like that. By the way maybe Lea see him like a best friend and no like a possible boyfriend but i will love if they date :') they are the cutest friendship and couple ever 😋

  30. It's weird going from watching the Good Doctor to watching Bates Motel. Shaun is completely different from Norman but that shows how great an actor Freddie is. (Btw, I've only seen the first five episodes of Bates, so far, but I'm caught up on the Good Doctor.)

  31. Shaun still loves Lea. It's pretty obvious at this point. On the other hand, you have Carly who is really trying to make the relationship with Shaun successful. I'm also aware that fans are hating on Carly, and I don't seem to understand why. She's investing so much of her blood sweat and tears to maintain the relationship. Does Lea understand him better? Thoughts???

  32. Leah is one of those exciting dangerous deep connection relationship that we want to chase. Carly is one of those that you want to marry and appreciate after you been hurt.

  33. Shaun has autism so advice that would help a person without autism would not help him especially since he has difficulty understanding social cues so since Morgan Reznick is honest with him it actually really helps him.

  34. I feel like I’m mostly happy about this because that means Paige gets more scene time. I mean I do want Lea and Shaun together eventually but I genuinely just love Paige and Freddie acting together!

  35. I love Carly but I always loved lea and always believed that they should have been together for the long haul I also wanted Shaun to be with Clair for a moment at least

  36. I also love lea and Shaun. But still : It’s unfair to Carly… she devotes herself so much to shaun… didn’t deserve this rejection from him

  37. I really like Lea and Shaun’s dynamic, whether it be just really good friends or something more than that. But I wouldn’t be mad if they stayed friends either.

  38. Carly went far and beyond what anybody would have gone for this relationship! Forget that he has autism , Shaun has been an ass ! I want Carly to stay in the show but not as he's girlfriend! She has done nothing but always treat like a person ! Maybe because in story She has family member with autism! The one thing that he owe her is truth and that's all ! Everybody's looking out for Shaun not wanting her to hurt him but damn it what about her ? As this relationship has progressed I've not liked Shaun very much ! I thought that Carly would be the one with the broken heart ! I love the actor who plays Carly She is so damn good ! ❤😎❤😎❤😎❤😎❤😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎😎

  39. Léa "faz" o Shaun,com Léa ele ė feliz … se joga… aprendeu a gostar de música … cantar… sorrir … abraçar e beijar … amar

  40. I dont ever wanted Lea to be with Shaun ever! She is not a good match for her! She left him after leading him on and friend zoned him. She is so reckless and spirited Shaun wont be able to catch up to her! From the start i didnt like the way she manipulated shaun to get into his apartment and do risky things like driving a car! Then after teasing Shaun sexually she just left him cold! Carly is soooo much better! Character and intelligence wise! She is very parient and understanding to him and not childish like Lea. I hope Shaun doesnt break her heart. She doesnt deserve to be used by Shaun just to forget Lea! After all Shaun was the one who courted her. She didnt force herself on him! If Shaun get back to Lea i will be very disappointed!

  41. Anybody knows when the episode will be on Amazon Prime? Here in My country the show runs in Sony Channel and they only broadcast the first season. I can't wait to see it

  42. Totally of topic but I am still waiting for Claire and Melendez to get together or is that gonna happen in season 6 ?

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