The Gabrielson Clinic for Women Doctor Profile: Emily Hill Engstler

(upbeat music) – Hi I’m Dr. Emily Hill, I
am an ob gyn and I work with The Gabrielson Clinic for Women. How many babies have I delivered? That is a great question I
can say that the hospital has greatly increased
the number of deliveries since I arrived here in 2012,
I know we were somewhere just below 200 and then
we have climbed up to 345 deliveries a year last year. So I, not sure what percentage
is mine but I know I am busy here a lot and I
think it’s excellent that our critical care access
hospital that we’re able to do so many deliveries here. I chose The Gabrielson
Clinic because I worked with Dr. Gabrielson as
a medical student and I thought that the way he
practiced was an excellent way for female patients
and I also am from the area I grew up south of Webster
City on a farm so I wanted to come back and give back
to my community we do have an office in Webster City
and I enjoy being back part of the community that I grew up in. With ob gyn practice
there is actually a large scope of different things
that you’re able to do, there’s urogynecology,
there’s infertility, there’s high risk ob, and one of
my favorites is dealing with women and helping
them deal with their poly cystic ovarian syndrome and infertility. I’m actually drawn to
this particular field because I do have personal
experiences with infertility and poly cystic ovarian
syndrome, so for me it’s a very touching subject and I
feel very equipped to help patients handle that
emotional aspect of it. I love movies, but I guess
my favorite of all time would be The Princess Bride,
which has a lot of action, romance, comedy so I think
it brings everything together just like life. (upbeat music)

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