The Flash Origins Story w Playground Bully & Doctor Clariss real life movie comics SuperHero Kids

Hey Barry! What’s this? Some kind of nerd game? Hey! That’s mine! Hey! Give it back! What’s wrong dork boy? Can’t reach? Race me for it. Oh wait! Hahaha! Stupid! This project is dumb. Where am I going to find a real scientist? Maybe Doctor Clariss can help me. Uh, hello? Doctor? Yeah, yeah, what do you want? I have a school project and… What are you doing? Come here! Come here! Quick! Oh, okay. Hold this. Olives? Yes, yes! It’s a key ingredient to the formula? Oh, cool. What are you making? It’s a chemical to excel machine velocity. What? It basically makes things go fast. Cool! Oh no, no, no! What’s wrong? It’s just thunder. This is really bad. This is very, very bad! Very bad! If the power goes out I may not be able to finish my experiment! What’s that? Huh? Oh, that’s just a suit I made to protect myself from the proton waves. That’s pretty cool! Oh no! Oh no, no, no, no! This is not good. You, what’s your name? Barry You stay here and watch this. I need to go outside and check on something. Oh, and if it starts bubbling, run! Okay! Uh oh! What happened? Did lightning strike? What happened? Woah! I’m fast! What? Barry! He destroyed everything! Hey Scarlet! Give me my game boy back. Oh, nerd boy wants his dork machine. I’ll give it back if you can take it from me. I have a better idea, let’s race for it. You think you can beat me in a race? You can’t walk two steps without gasping for air. Try me. First one that gets to the bench wins the game boy. Sounds good to me. Barry! On your mark Get set Go! Woah! What? Oh you took your time. Hey where’s the game? Oh you mean this? That’s mine! Well then, why don’t you come get What? Oh I didn’t see you there. But… you… how? Are you out of breath? Here, this will help. See you in a flash. How can he move that fast? It defies the laws of physics! Hmmm He can really zoom! Hey guys! Thank you so much for the overwhelming responses! We got so many comments and you all are the best subscribers ever! We got so many comments that we decided to do a runner up! The runner up gets an officially licensed Flash tee shirt from TeeBlox! And the runner up is, drum roll…… Right here! Congratulations and I hope you like your TeeBlox shirt! It’s pretty cool! Okay, on to the big prize. We wish we could give you all a quad copter. You all are awesome! Now the big announcement. Super drum roll! This person! Congratulations, I hope you have so much fun playing with your quad copter. Quad copter Since so many people enjoyed this contest we decided to do another one! Keep a look out for our next video where we will be giving away awesome TeeBlox shirts and some epic comic books! Thank you guys so much! See you in the next video, bye!

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