The First Week of Drug Rehab at Green Mountain Treatment Center

So, a typical day here for any of our residential
clients is that they – they’re woken up early in the morning at about six-thirty and
they’ll do a morning meditation. Then they’ll go about starting their day. They’ll get breakfast, they’ll get medications,
take care of themselves, clean up their living space, all that. And they begin groups at nine-thirty. Pretty quickly, within their first full week
here, they’ll start what we call Little Big Book. And that is a pretty intensive, week-long
series of groups. At the end of that, they would take a Third
Step, which is essentially, like, handing their will over, becoming willing to engage
in the process. And then they move on to beginning their Fourth
Step. So the Fourth Step is a writing out of all
– initially, all your resentments. So you write out all the people, places, principals,
anything that you resent. Anything that’s played a role in your life,
sort of, in keeping you sick. And then they’ll go through and sort of
start owning their side of the street with that. So they’ll look at, How have they been selfish? How have they been dishonest? How have they been self-seeking? And what are they afraid of? The Fourth Step is definitely the most intensive. It takes a long time, it’s a lot of work,
and it brings up a lot of emotions for a lot of the clients here. It can be incredibly difficult. It’s a sort of processing of everything
that’s ever happened in their lives and sort of owning their own part. Other facilities will sort of touch on the
steps, they don’t actually do any work through them. They’ll tell people that there is a solution
but they won’t get them started in the footwork to get that. And the more our reputation spreads as being
– being a center that actually helps achieve that, the more people are interested in coming
in the doors.

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