The Field of Psychiatric Rehabilitation

– Yes I’m Roy Starks, I
currently am the Vice President of Rehabilitation Services
and Reaching Recovery. I’ve worked in the field
of psych rehab since the early ’70s. But I’ve been with Mental Health Center of Denver since 1989. I am retiring this month and
moving on and I’m feeling good about psych rehab continuing
to be a strong force at the Mental Health Center of Denver. (blissful music) In short I would say psych
rehab tend to be the services that help people recover. So the focus is not on the diagnosis and treating the illness. The focus is on helping
people have a full life. Whether that means, getting
married, going back to school. Having a full life in spite
of their mental illness. And psych rehab services are the services that help people do that. So our work is not just
about helping people you know get better with their illness. Our work is about helping
people get back into society. So if we can help somebody go to school. Now the answer is I’m a student. Or if we, even if they have
a part time job, or whatever. I work at so and so, and
so it’s a role in society. (blissful music) I’m most proud of the fact
that I’ve been able to be part of this movement to make the
Mental Health Center of Denver a national center of excellence and recovery focus community of mental health. I’ve always considered myself
extremely fortunate to work at the Mental Health Center of Denver. And I’ve often said
that if you are a person that wants a career in
psychiatric rehabilitation that the Mental Health Center
of Denver is the best place in the country to work. That it’s more recovery
focused than any other place in Denver. So if you want to work in psych rehab, the Mental Health Center
of Denver has been by far the best place for me to have a career. And it’s been wonderful
for me to work for Carl and with the rest of the executive team here. To work in a place that
really cares about recovery. (blissful music) I would want behavioral
health to be seen as any other health condition. So that people that have a
mental illness are treated in the same way that people
that have diabetes or high blood pressure, that there’s not the discrimination against people because they have a
problem with their brain. That it’s part of general
health care and its focus of health care is to help
people have wellbeing and have good life in spite
of whatever illness they have. (blissful music)

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