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  2. 9:18 thats a lie. most ppl survive abortions but its not good for ur body. it doesnt just kill the baby. after all, to kill the baby they have to poison it so thatll poison ur body too.

  3. These are the kind of centers I've been involved with in my pregnancys, some of these centers are better than others some of them are really supportive of the woman's right to choose and a lot of them push for pro-adoption a lot of them if you don't feel you ready to be a parent they really push you towards adoption or if you want an abortion they just turn you away completely, I find most of these centers are pro-life and then sometimes you will be given advice by Young married women that have never yet had children, and I'm a firm believer as a mother a woman can't give advice to another pregnant woman if they've never had children..

  4. Not to far from that area, thats crazy this goes on rate in my neighborhood that's crazy and I'm a mom, I have been involved with pregnancy centers I'm very thankful that my experience was not this negative at a woman's crisis Resource Center but I've heard that they can be, and some of the women are a little bit too pushy about trying to get you to adopt out your baby… You never want to push a woman in One Direction or the other, you always want her to feel comfortable in her decision..

  5. Go to TRUE OPTIONS SHERMAN TX, ID LOVE TO SEE AN UNDERCOVER INTERVIEW THERE, That's in my area, I've been there I did not have a bad experience cover the ladies do seem very gung-ho law on adoption and hesitant to give you information on abortion, but overall they do seem like sweet ladies even if some of them have never had children, I could see how the name could be a little misleading you think true options okay can I come here and get an abortion will they give you an abortion pill know they will not they're not really going to discuss too much of that with you yeah, but they don't seem to turn anyone away either

  6. Over 60 Million American babies have been killed since 1973 by abortion. That's more people than Hitler and Stalin killed combined. How many great American minds, leaders and artist have been put to death because you people refuse to admit that your killing/destroying a unique human life.

  7. I'm pro-life but if it's true that these centers aren't medical facilities, then it's almost, if not as bad as abortion clinics. Women need health care for their unborn children, and saying these clinics are being staffed by medical doctors, nurses, etc, when they arent, is very unethical

  8. I dare you to watch this video in its entirety. "The silent Scream," will break your heart. I dare you to watch.



  9. Yhea, how sad that they actually cared more about the baby than you did. And if it's not a baby as you all claim, then why when a person kills a woman who is pregnant they get charged with double murder?

  10. Typical, holy-er than now, Radical Right Wing Religious NUTS. They should all be shot and pissed on.
    End All Religion. It's for weak-minded losers and has no place in today's world of knowledge. Fairy Tales are no longer needed and the Churches hold too much power and money and control over people now. Down With Religion !
    These people are Dangerous.

  11. The Christians who are doing this are violating the commandment, "do not lie." If they told the truth, telling them what all their options were and what they were like (parenting, abortion, and adoption) and correcting common misconceptions (like unplannedpregnancy.com does) in an unbiased way, then people would be able to make an informed decision. Like, I was surprised to learn that with adoption, you can actually choose the parents and get financial assistance so you don't have to abort if you think that is your only option. You don't have to sacrifice your career and education or be worried about money. These Crisis Centers should be immediately up front about who they are and what their goals are. As soon as people walk in. Like, they should be places that give you access to accurate information about adoption, abortion, and parenting, and give you referrals for each of these places. But they shouldn't guilt anyone. If they're gonna show what the procedure is like, they should ask for consent "Would you like to see what the procedure is like?" If they say no, then don't. Consent is priority so they don't feel like they're duped or lied to.

  12. This is sad, one day I heard girls in the abortion clinic talking about how they use the fetus for experiments with stem cells. I heard they put the aborted baby in jars and use them for research, that makes me think twice about aborting a baby more than 3 weeks

  13. Those clinics mislead people.. I heard some clinics give abortions up until 2 months. I don't have an issue with but I think abortions should be illegal after 6 weeks.

  14. as a prolifer, we are not trying to mislead you at all and im sorry it it seems that way. we are trying to save your childs life. all we want is for you to keep your child, and not murder him/her. its not okay, for a “doctor” to stick an instrument in you and rip apart your baby inside your womb. im pro life because killing a baby should never be an option, and killing helpless and innocent babies is such a horrific crime. and dont get me started on that, “its such a hard choice for women.” killing YOUR CHILD SHOULD NEVER be a choice. you shouldnt even consider it. reply to this comment all you want, i will NOT change my mind. ripping apart a baby limb by limb is a horrific crime that needs to be abolished. until its abolished, i will continue to fight for those who cant fight for themselves. if you have any questions at all, please reply🧡

  15. So these pro-life folks behind these fake clinics are Christian – did they forget that one of the commandments is "Thou shall not lie"??? The hypocrisy is disgusting

  16. This is so biased. Abortion should never be done. Vice is such a liberal outlet. A woman doesn’t have the right to take away another life just bc they’re the mother.

  17. My sister (17) had a baby, she kept it because she knows it's wrong to kill a baby so she struggles doing school and taking care of her baby but she still Love's HIM his father may have left HIM but she still does everything for HIM.

  18. I can explain why it's aful , because you are about to kill a baby that you so many other options… It's called having a heart.

  19. People do die from having abortions and people do try to kill themselves because they killed a life that they created ( pray to save the children guys, and the mothers of the babies and if you aren’t religious then stand up for life, many ppl would stand infront of a bullet for a dog why not do it for a human life? )

    Be the new pro-life Generation, not every pro life person or place is bad or supposed to scare you or a women they want to help you and guide you, there are other options, they want life to continue, pro-life people aren’t just wanting to keep babies in the womb safe they want to keep babies out of the womb safe, this video doesn’t specify everything that goes on, yeah they showed you old ladies talking to women about abortions and it’s wrong but that’s the old generation and how they think, the new generation thinks the same font get me wrong but they approach the topic very differently and more comfortably

    Abortion doesn’t give any women any kind of freedom. if we’re really are going to march for human rights, then we cannot have any kind of human rights until every baby in the womb is protected in every country of the world

  20. Literally the facts they said that happen after the abortion, Depression possible substance abuse are absolutely true, women who have had abortions have vouched for all of it. Disguising how people twist facts.

  21. How fucking horrible. They purposefully try to make women feel like shit for wanting to have an abortion and their only reasoning behind why they are pro life is because of “god”. It’s a horrible feeling when people try to make you feel like a “murderer”. I had an abortion at 17. Best decision of my life.

  22. "They find parts of a fetus in the mothers lungs or heart"….. WTF… how could you make shit like that up and tell it to young girls … wow

  23. Not to mention the millions of kids abused molested raped killed starved and beaten inside homes or stuck in the foster care system separated from siblings and traumatized into adulthood….. what about the lives that lived that on on earth… priorities are so backwards.

  24. The deception is not okay according to religious people as well. According to what they’re suppose to believe in . They don’t have to be responsible for that life cause motherhood doesn’t stop at 18 . Women bring life into the world and that should always be a choice, no one would exist if we didn’t birth humans to the earth you can get pregnant and miscarry all men do is fertilize but we should have rights to our own bodies don’t forget to mention all the evil people we see on the news , who probably should of been aborted to be blunt

  25. This is some shady BHPH Car Sales tactics. All they’re missing is sending out fake scratch off tickets in the weekly circular. You know the kind that says you’re a winner, but you aren’t.

    Why sonograms? Admittedly I’ve never had a child, but do you have to have a medical license to perform an ultrasound? Are sonograms cheaper? Does anyone know

  26. PRO CHIOCE PEOPLE IN THE COMMENTS.. It's not an argument to say "well why don't you fight for this other thing??"…It's just morally wrong to prevent a life from flourishing when YOU STARTED OFF THE SAME WAY. How does value only apply to a life if YOU want it to?? People that think that makes sense have NO MORALITY.

  27. Awww poor you, you felt "vulnerable" with a sonogram machine on your stomach, poor baby 😂 if only you didnt feel awful about taking the morning after pill or using protection, but feeling content with going in to have an abortion

  28. People wake up! Killing kids is wrong! Grow up and learn to take responsibility even if the pregnancy was caused by something you didn't want, you need to choose to give an innocent child life!

  29. This is ridiculous,abortion should be legal… some people with HIV, AIDS… i wanna see when all the orphanages,fosters homes… when all of these become full as well as a rise on child abuse i wanna see what they do 😣😣

  30. Even though you have a different opinion then someone who has an abortion doesn't mean it's ok to shame anyone for there decision.

  31. All you people saying "what liars", "deceiving women is bad," "why would people believe this?" I agree, you shouldn't lie, you shouldn't deceive women (or men for that matter?), and yes, this is silly and shouldn't believe it. However…that does not takes away from the fact that abortion is killing an unborn baby. Religious or not, we all know killing is wrong. You thinking deceiving people to push your agenda only happens on the right side of the spectrum, if you do, you are mistaken. The left has deceived people into thinking a baby isn't a human being. People say a fetus can't live by themselves. They can, I have held a 4.5 month premature old human being in my hand. He was smaller than the palm of my hand. He wasn't on any machines (but was closely monitored), he had health problems and was skinny beyond belief until about age 8. He is nowt a thick middle line backer (if you don't know, that football position requires you to be big). He will be bigger than me and I weigh 250 lbs. He was born into a family with one older sister, and a dad that was in the process of being a convicted pedophile (he is now convicted thank goodness), he is doing great and I'm sure will live on to do better than I ever have. The point is…it is wrong, and strictly evil to ASSUME (we aren't suppose to assume anything these days) that their life WILL be miserable so we should just do them a favor and abort them. That is a failed line of thinking, and a selfish one at that. If you chose to have sex, that is your risk.

    And if you throw the "what if she was raped" argument at me, remember those cases are marginal, and consist of either 1% or 3% of abortions. The marginal case, does not excuse the rest of the cases. That is a sub-point of the overall issue.

  32. If abortion is so safe just do it yourself. Or pay for it on a private place why do my taxt money should go on killing embryos or fetus in the future. This is wrong.

  33. Personally I think as long as the centres are not deciding women and pushing them I think they’re fine but they are not an alternative

  34. Im pro-life (unless raped, the baby has deformities or it is dangerous to the mothers health/mental wellbeing some women can't carry a baby 9 months and give it up for adoption due to school, work, social life, age. I honestly couldnt myself.) I don't agree with abortion but i also don't agree with pushing your views on someone. But shit, both sides seem like they want to get rid of the other. Just coexist, some women do regret their abortions, some don't. 🤷‍♀️ some are prolife and some are pro choice. If its not your body, you cant tell someone what to do! someone cant tell the other person they shouldn't have an abortion, Just like someone cant tell a pregnant lady they dont like her pregnancy and she cant keep it and force or pressure her into an abortion. You dont like some random person's choices, dont say anything and move along 🤦‍♀️ jesus christ being judgmental isnt helping anyone who wants help. Side note: that guy with blood down his legs seems like he's making more fun of women who wanted a baby and miscarried than pro lifers. Why you gotta be so cruel? Just like ive seen pro lifers throw horrible insults to women who were going into a planned parenthood. Just chill 🙄

  35. Yes these people are so sneaky and disgusting educating women and offering to save babies. It's almost like they think it's murder.

  36. Vice you’re shit “omg they do SEO bastards…” how about you do a story on baby parts selling. Fucking Disney owned liberal pieces of shit. You used to be non bias

  37. what’s the difference between killing a baby between 1 week to 10 years old, the fact it’s grown more? well in that case you mines well make it ok to kill a baby at 2 years old because it’s not as bad as killing them when they are 22. Society has just made people think it’s ok to kill your child if you can’t see it. Life is full of sin and evil and you use the excuse that you may not be able to financially support it well how can you support yourself? work harder to, ask you family or friends for help, there’s government resources etc, people in third world countries you see them smiling you know why? they have nothing but family and siblings to love that’s what make your life. You can’t punish a child because it was your fault you didn’t plan it, or even if the quality of life is low they could turn out to be a taylor swift or Einstein and eventually have the best quality of life. Another excuse pro choice ppl say is getting raped, why should u kill your child because of something bad you went through if your saying it’s your body then it’s your child you can block the father out of your life think that you’ve had a blessing out of a bad situation. Never abort a child with a disability imagine if your parents did that to your siblings, down syndrome children are known to be the happiest humans, autistic children are know to be the smartest children. You pro choice people use abortion as a solution to solve your problems yet it means the murder of your child’s life, how does any sane person think that’s right. THERE IS NO DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A BABY WITH PART OF YOUR DNA INSIDE YOUR BODY TO AN ADULT. Imagine that child you aborted could of been a teenager and your best friend what you were like to your parents. Pro choice needs to use their brain and not kill a brain because by the looks of it you need as many as you can get. And btw before you come at me you porcs a dude you wouldn’t know well i’m not i’m a young female adult and guys are standing up for their unborn children so shutup.

  38. im terrified, planned parenthood has so, so much more to offer than abortions, they have cancer sceenings for god's sake!! If these monsters really cared about life, they're keep pp open

  39. Abortion is murder.


    But, in cases of need they should be available. Safely and securely. For instance defects or mother’s health, it needs to be legal.

    Abortion needs to be legal.

    (Adoption and fostering should be bettered. Fixing this will mostly remove the need for abortions, when it comes to not having means to care for, the child’s future should be focused on.)

    (I’ve met a few people who purposely use abortion as birth control which is unacceptable (One had 7). They are the ones who ruin it for those who need it.)

  40. murder. that's it. murder. you like murder? you pro murder? if you like abortions so much why dont you grab a baby and stab it to death. or just blow a babies brain out with a gun. the news and everything shows people getting murdered but not BABIES getting murdered. somebody can abort a future president! but no it's fine go ahead and murder little babies.

  41. So, to all the pro choice people: a woman can’t really make a choice without knowing what the other options are. You’re not really pro choice if you bash the other options made available for someone, you’re pro death.

  42. most of those things aren’t misinformation. they’re true, but people don’t want to believe it. just do research and you’ll see.

  43. Abortion is murder I feel for the unborn child just put yourself in their shoes… so sad i am a women myself got pregnant at 19 I wanted to get rid of my child but now his 22 yrs old he’s successful and his my pride and joy thank goodness I didn’t go with abortion !!!

  44. I’m pro life ! And yea abortions need to 🛑 stop! Some of these comments disgust me… I pray you all wake up ! It’s a human being we’re talking about! What if your parents decided to abort all yall! You wouldn’t be alive today…. So think about what you’re saying Dumb!!!!!

  45. Abortions affect you the rest of your life physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritully. I personnally know two women who have abortions one being my mother who had it 40 years ago. To this day she is still affected can't function correctly.

  46. It’s shocking how people think abortion is okay. The child that had been pulled limb by limb is a child. A human being.

  47. "when the scientific evidence is to the opposite side", says the woman who promotes the holocaust of the unborn. SCIENCE IS PROLIFE. See me channel for many videos

  48. I belive abortion should be legal. It's a women's right and the state would not provide for the child after its born.

    But there should be an age limit of the fetus for when it can be aborted.

  49. Funny how these conservative Republicans don't seem to care about the child after they force the mother to give birth to it. Instead, they take away or slash programs that help women and their children. Go figure.

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