100 thoughts on “The Factory Flawed Air Jordans Worth $143,000

  1. me too i have i have jordan 1 low sbb factory flaw.the jumpman logo color is black on the right and the left pair is color white.im trying to return my pair to athletes foot store but when i post on facebook,lot of people say its rare.so i just keep it

  2. This guy : i have the one and only jordans with swoosh sewn upside down!

    Chineese boi : i'm about to end this mans whole career

  3. Damnit! I saw an Asian dude in Bronx that had dozens of this exact flawed shoe! I am heading there tomorrow and buying all 200 dozen and gonna be RiiiiiCH son!!!!! I am gonna slap my boss and quit my job in the morning on the way to buy my riches!!!!

  4. He better sell it b4 nobody cares n da value goes down…i understand wat dey are but after a while, jst like anything else ppl lose interest

  5. How is there only one pair flawed..there got to be other pairs somewhere.. at least I think so anyways..the factory still shipped it out for retail so they did not catch the mistake..maybe more were kicked out..

  6. This man has a disease and it's incurable. His obsession with child produced footwear plagues not only his soul but millions of people. The desire to seem unique chasing production flaws because everyone has the pair you cherish is a worldwide epidemic. Says he's donating a percentage to charity but the shoe sits in a glass case. Seems legit.

  7. That's cool and all but what if he just took the logo off flipped it upside down then sewn it on again? 🤷‍♂️

  8. I just a pair of factory Defected Nike SB raygun tie-dye dunks, the righ shoe has no swoosh on both sides of the sneaker but the left is perfectly fine

  9. Or you can just buy one pair, and u can just "rebuild" the shoe and make it upside down… Claim its defect and sell ….

  10. How is this even possible it’s a flaw? I believe he printed it like that. I mean really. They go down the line the same way but as you see the sewing is upside down also and lining up perfectly. If it was a flaw something wouldn’t match up. Like the sewing. This looks set up. I mean come on. Where it meets too is flipped as well. Doesn’t make sense.

  11. If you sent me pictures of the shoes 360 degrees. I promise you I could get you 30 pairs to your doorstep from a Chinese’s factory within a month.

  12. Ppl that were in school getting their sneakers from their parents are growing up, so the culture will die becuase I dont think they want to spend that much on sneakers lol

  13. Shoes Cost to make: $16-$17.
    Shoes selling price: $100+

    With $100 they can make 5 pairs of shoes.
    5 pairs of shoes= $500+

    With $500 they can make 25 pairs of shoes.

    25 pairs of shoe= $2,500+

    With $2,500 they can make
    125 pairs of shoes.

    125 pairs of shoe = $12,500+

    Easy money..

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