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[music playing] [meowing] [chirping noises] [whining] Ann’s bringing
in her dog, Suzie, because she stopped
eating last night. Suzie is three years old. She is an old English bulldog
mixed with a bloodhound. EMILY: Suzie? ANN: This morning we
tried to open her mouth, and she let out a large yelp. Hi, Suze! ANN: Just not sure
what’s going to happen. She absolutely means
the world to us. OK. What’s going on with Suzie? MALE OWNER: Something
in her mouth. OK. Hi, sweetie. How long has this been going on? ANN: Last night. Has she been
chewing on anything? Yes she loves bones. Rawhides, bones. I have to look at your teeth. I do an exam and– [yelping] –when I try to open the
mouth, Suzie just screams. I know. It’s OK. She doesn’t even want
her mouth open at all. And so, that tells
me a lot right there. OK, so I have a suspicion. She’s got something
called myositis. A dog that’s very painful
on opening the mouth often has inflammation of
the mass of her muscles. That’s what kind
of it looks like. She doesn’t actually have
anything wrong with her teeth that I can see. NARRATOR: Masticatory myositis
can stem from an infection. Suzie’s immune system is
attacking her jaw muscles, causing excruciating pain. EMILY: You can see the left
side of her muscles right here. Seem to be just a tad more
swollen than the other side. ANN: Suzie. OK, so I’ll be right back. The treatment for
it is basically to bring the inflammation
down in those muscles, because every time she opens
her mouth, it hurts really bad. OK, so yeah. It’s just long-term
steroid therapy. It’s something that
she’s going to have to be on therapy for a while. It’s not something where I’m
just going to go in there and pull a stick out and
she’s going to feel better. This can sometimes take four
to six months to get over. MALE OWNER: Oh, jeez. ANN: Oh, wow. EMILY: But hopefully
we’ve caught it early. We can get started. Feeling relief that it
wasn’t anything too serious. However, long term
steroid treatments does concern me a little bit. I hope for a full recovery,
no lasting side effects. Need to get that inflammation
out of her mouth. All right. So hang on, gotta
stick her in the butt. You’re gonna get a butt stick. EMILY: Sorry, girl. OK. So we’ll go with that. And if she continues
to not eat or anything, just give us a call and
we’ll talk about what we can do from there. ANN: OK. Prognosis is fair
to good, depending on how she responds to therapy. OK. So she can come on out. ANN: Suzie. [kissing noises] We’ll take care of her and
see where this takes us.

37 thoughts on “The Dog With the Swollen Jaw | The Incredible Dr. Pol

  1. Awww… poor baby. It's OK. Dr. Emily knows exactly what to do. Hope you get well soon, Suzy. Thanks for sharing National Geographic.

  2. Oh my gosh love this channel it is the best they have inspired me to do my own channel about animals but I need support if you can go check it out that would be awesome love this channel learned a lot😍😘

  3. and no one took the effort to look inside her mouth if she did not have bone chips stuck in her jaw???? weird i would have sedated her to see if there was nothing stuck in the back of her jaw because even a bone chip or tree branch chip could give the same results.

  4. How will this dog eat? Why didn't the dog get knocked out and a good exam of her mouth done? This dog could have a very bad or broken tooth. I wouldn't trust anyone but Dr. Pol and not a very young vet.

  5. I hate that this show never includes the ending of the story on so many cases. It would be a pain to edit but a good show does include the results at the end of that show.

  6. Charles, you do a terrible job of editing these shows. We should know the results within the same show time frame!

  7. Good Lord Lord Yan Pol. I see you every day on the TV along with your team. (Ezs, Challes, your lady, Brenda and the lady who is new (We do not remember your name.) I want to tell you that you are a lot of good veterinarians. I'm from Greece and I have a dog I can not bring it, I could have brought it. I want to ask you something, Mr. Jan Paul. My dog My dog ​​is 5 years old. About a week ago he ate few, vomited and made a few stools. It was on your show that I saw a dog that had these cheeses you said you had parasites. And my dog ​​probably has a way to help. My parents told me to go.

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