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(upbeat music) – [Narrator] Dr. Lee Griffith,
Cleveland clinic-trained, Board Certified, Pain
Management Specialist. Shaman, Olivia Hardt-Griffith,
initiated by the Peruvian Kiro tribe of the ancient
Incan medicine wheel. Discussing everything
lifestyle, health and wellness in today’s society. The Doctor & The Shaman. – And welcome, this is
The Doctor & The Shaman. My name is Rusty Humphries
and I’m not a doctor or a shaman. Now, first of all, take
a look, this is Lee. – Hello. – And this is Olivia, who’s the
doctor and who’s the shaman? That’s the first question
because, you know, look at you guys, I don’t know who
is who and what is what. So, let’s start off with who’s the doctor? – That would be me. – You’re the doctor.
– Yes. – What kind of doctor are you? – Anesthesiologist and I
practice pain management. – Okay, and you’re a shaman? – Yes. – What’s a shaman? – Well, a shaman is someone
who helps others in the earth, find ways to heal. – [Rusty] Okay. – And there are shamans all
over the world, in every culture, in every tribe,
from the Aboriginese to the South Americans, to
the Northern Americans. There was a shaman in
tribes all over the world. – Shaman, how do you go from
Hollywood to being a shaman? – Well, it was a long journey. It didn’t happen overnight,
it was a path that really, truly called to me, and as
I moved out of the world of Hollywood and into finding
myself, things, really, you know, changed for me a
lot, and it was kinda one of those things that was
calling to me and I really couldn’t, couldn’t deny it. There was actually a shaman
that told me I was a shaman, and I thought she was full of crap. – Okay (laughing). Okay, so Lee, your wife comes
home and says, “think I’m “being a shaman”, is that how this starts? – Pretty much, right afterwards. – And you’re a doctor, and
you’re going, okay, or do you go, what in the hell
are you talking about? – Well, at first, I didn’t
know what a shaman was. – I think.
– So. – I’m with ya, ’cause I don’t know. – And when your wife comes
home and tells you someone told her that she’s something,
you kinda have to process it a little bit. – [Rusty] Okay. – Kinda thing through
it, and hear her out. – Wait, wait, wait. (Rusty laughing) I, there was never any talk
about me becoming a shaman after I saw the shaman. It took two years for that to come. – Right.
– Around. – So that wasn’t, so next
day you didn’t start going to shaman school. – No.
– No. – No, like I said, I thought
this lady was full of crap. I said, I like the fact that
I’m here to see a shaman, and that’s amazing but I
don’t have any interest in being a shaman. – Okay. – So that was a very gradual process. – I mean, to me that makes sense. I mean, hey, you should be
a shaman, probably, give me a hundred, you know, give
me a thousand dollars, let’s get started. Uh, yeah. – Yeah, it wasn’t like that at all either. She had had been trained in
an entirely different way, and she said that she was
very guided to tell me that I needed to go to this specific school. – [Rusty] Right. – That she had heard of. And I said, “okay”, and you
know, I was just completely blowing this person off. – Sure. – I wasn’t interested
in it whatsoever, and then, she told me to read these two books. I read these two books and
about a year and a half later, I was kinda feeling a little bit like I was just being pushed and if I didn’t answer
this calling to go down this path, that, you know,
I was gonna be struck by lightning or something,
it was one of those feelings. – So you had a real
strong feeling you needed to do something. – Yes. – And you as a husband, you
wanna protect your wife, one. And two, you’re a doctor,
so this kinda sounds odd. – It did sound odd but
around the same time, I saw a shaman. So it, was less odd once
I had my experience. – What was your experience? – My first shamanic
session was life-changing. I was, we were in a different
point in our lives, and when you’re a medical
doctor, you tend to believe what you were trained in Western medicine. – [Rusty] Sure. – And when you go and see a
shaman and you have visions and see things and see family
members that have passed, and. – Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait, wait. You saw visions. – Yes. – And you saw people that had passed. – Correct. – Did she slip you some kind
of medicine, try the magic mushroom and then go see somebody. – No, it was not that type of. – [Rusty] Okay, I mean.
– Trip. – When you say that, that’s,
it’s fascinating, because it’s not something that most
people have ever experienced. – You know, that’s absolutely correct. – [Rusty] What did you see? – Well, I saw animals,
so I see spirit animals. So I saw eagles and I saw
jaguars and then I saw my brother that had passed
when I was 16 years old and he was 28 years old. – Come on, really? – Yes, we had, it was just as
like, real as us being here at this time. – And what does your brother say to you? – He told me quite a few things,
and one of things he told me was not screw up my
relationship with this one. (laughing) – Okay, so that was wise words. – Yes (laughing). – Wise words. And Olivia are you surprised
when your Western-trained medical doctor goes, “I
just saw my brother”. Or do you go, “oh, yeah, of course.” – I was like, finally (laughing). You know, since I was a kid,
I was having experiences with spirits and passed, and
loved ones who had passed on, and you know, we tend to
write these things off as just imaginary friends, but then,
it started happening to me again as an adult. And, we actually lost a
child, and, during pregnancy. – Oh no. – And it was a really
heart-breaking time in our lives, and one night, I woke up,
and I, I was just devastated. And I woke up, and in the
middle of the night, his brother was standing over the bed,
the spirit of his brother, and he had our baby, and it was a boy. And he said, “I have him, and he’s safe”. And it was the most healing
thing that has ever happened around that situation. So.
– Wow. – For me, I had been seeing his
brother for quite some time, and I even, like I explained
to him, Lee, what his brother was wearing and he goes,
“he had that shirt”. He said, “I know he had that
shirt, I remember that shirt”. And it was very specific, so,
you know, I had been telling him this for a long time,
or I’d have all these dreams of like, spirits coming
to me, and with messages and saying things. So like, when he saw his
brother, his brother also had our baby. – Wow. – And, his brother said to
him, “she told you I had him”. – Hm, I mean, that’s gotta
be hard, was that hard for you to believe or at that
point you go, “okay, there’s “something here.” – No, it was very easy to believe. It was, it was, if I could touch
him, I would of said it was just as real as this, so it
was, it was one of those moments that there was no doubt and
there was no going back. – Okay, is this a religious thing? Like, for example, I’m a
Christian and I never heard Jesus talk about things like this. Is this something I should be
worried about as a Christian. I mean, have you guys gone,
we’re not Christians anyways so it doesn’t matter,
I mean, how is it from a religious point of view? – So, I, you know, am not really, the best way to describe it
is Jesus is like the world’s greatest shaman, right? – Okay. – You know, Jesus is one of
the original greatest-impacting shamans ever. He’s, you know, and that’s
kind of how I interpret it. Like, all of his profits were
shamans in different ways. They had different gifts,
that, you know, we think okay, well in the bible, this
was normal and talked about. – Right. – But today it’s just gone away. Like, when we’re close with
God, we don’t have connections with spirits or we don’t
have, you know, prophecies, or we don’t have these things,
so, I mean, that’s kind of how I look at it. It’s absolutely not a
religion, whatsoever. – Okay. – It’s really a philosophy
for the way that we live our lives. – All right, how ’bout, how
’bout you, I mean, as a doctor, are you an atheist? – Oh, absolutely not, no. – [Rusty] Okay. – No, I’m a Christian, believe in Christ, believe in God. If you’re a Christian, if
you’re Muslim, if you’re Jewish, if you have, of any belief
system under the sun, there’s always hope and
there’s always another place that is better, right. And you’re always trying to build to that. And, you know, I think
God is absolutely amazing, and with shamanism, it just
has helped open my eyes to it even more. And seeing the greatness of
the sunrise, to the smallest little bug, to the leaves on a tree. When you can see God’s
creativity and His creation in everything. – Interesting. You have in your lap, I’m
not trying to grab it here, but if you don’t mind.
– Yeah. – You have in your lap these
purple, and you got two of em. – Mm-hm. – And it says, Tachyon on here. What is Tachyon? – So, Tachyon is actually. – How did I pronounce it? – Tachyon. – Tachyon, not Tachyon,
’cause it looks like tach or techyon. All right, so it’s called Tachyon. – Yes. – What is , they’re heavy. – Um hm. – These are heavy, and it’s
kind of got a purple felt covering to ’em and I don’t
know if it’s metal rods or is it rock, what is this? – So, Tachyon is a sub-atomic
particle that moves faster than the speed of light. And, what these are. – Oh I saw that on the Flash once. – Oh, I bet you did. (laughing) – In Star Trek. – Yes, all right, so I’m
sorry, go ahead, so this, they move at, this Tachyons
move at the speed of light? – Yes, so it’s a theory
that Einstein actually theorized about, and it hasn’t been scientifically
proven because we don’t have the tools to
scientifically prove it yet. But it’s, you know, like
anything, it, you feel it and you know it’s there. And it’s something that
we’ve actually had a lot of experience with over the last year. – In what way? – Well, it all started
when I was doing my work with my clients and you know,
there was a lot of people that would come to me that
had really significant traumas and things. They would, they had very
difficult crisis’ in their lives. They had things going on that were heavy. And every day I was going in
and I was seeing these clients and helping them get through
these problems, and I started to feel very, very drained, energetically. I started to feel like I
was, you know, doing a lot, and needed something to support
me in my process other than, you know, everything that
was already supporting me. So, I went into a search in meditation for something that was gonna help me and support me energetically. – [Rusty] Okay. – So I. – Did you feel tired, is
that what it was, you felt your energy sucked out of you. – Yes.
– Okay. – And I had started to get
these weird, dizzy spells every afternoon after session work. – Were you taking it as if you
were having to give so much of your energy to your client,
to help them feel better, and that was kind of
draining you kind of, is that what you’re thinking? – It’s not truly that,
because I don’t give energy to clients. – [Rusty] Okay. – I am just a conduit for
energy that moves through me, so, I am just like a vessel
and I’m there to support them and to listen to them. But think about, like a
talk therapist, like when a talk therapist is there, and
they’re hearing about these really, really traumatic
things in these people’s lives and trying to hep them through. The talk therapist has to
have a therapist right? – Right. – To go and unload, because
we’re empathetic beings so when we hear these things
about, of what’s happening to people, even if we are just
there listening and holding space, we still feel
and we still, you know, have to unpack that. So, truly that is why I
believe that I started getting to that point. So I started looking for,
for energetic support. – Okay, and you found this Tachyon thing. – Yes, so during meditation
I had a very specific vision of a Tach, of a healing
chamber, is what they showed me. Like, the vision of it. And they said, “you need
to find a healing chamber, “this will help you, this
will support your energy, “it’s something that you need.” And I was like, what is that? You know, I had never
heard of such a thing. You know, I knew a million
healers, I didn’t know, I was like, is that a hyperbaric chamber? – Right. – Is that a sauna, like, what is that? So I went to google, and I started reading about
these different things and the Tachyon chamber
came up and it was the thing that peaked my interest the most. – Interesting, and then
you kinda, you two together kind of created this chamber thing? – We went to visit one. – [Rusty] Okay. – So, we went to visit one,
and, you know, I had a very profound experience while
in the Tachyon chamber. And, they told us to go
in with an intention, and my intention was to
heal my dizzy spells. So, when I went in, I was
sitting there, and having, like, you know, it’s similar to
the way that people describe their shamanic journeys of
like, you get these very vivid visions. So, I was having very vivid
visions, and I told Lee before we went in, I was like, “this
is either the real deal, “or it’s total bogus.” – Okay. – And I don’t know, I just have to try it. – Right. – And so I started having
these visions, and then I felt this really painful pop in my ear. Never had a dizzy spell again. – Really? – Yes, so Lee had a very profound
experience in the Tachyon chamber, probably even more
profound than mine honestly. – Which one? – Well, what about the kids thing? – Oh, seeing my kids. – Yes. – Yeah, so that was pretty interesting. So, usually, when I get in
the chambers, I have visual stimuli, so some people don’t. So, every person’s Tachyon
experience is different but mine, a lot of times, is visual. – [Rusty] Okay. – So I see things. And, it was amazing,
because I have three kids, and just like every parent,
you’re always think about that their future will be, right. You worry. – [Rusty] Right. – And you hope. And, my first Tachyon
experience, I saw all my kids as adults. And it was amazing because
you could, you, it allowed me to be comfortable, right. It allowed me to let
my kids be themselves. – Right. – Because I saw, at the
end, everything’s good. – Yeah, I wish I could see that too. – Right, I got goosebumps. – [Rusty] Yeah. (laughing) – Did you, we’re doing a podcast,
and this is our first one. You believe in, not just
meditation, what’s the word when you kinda see it, and
you try to make it happen. – Manifestation. – Manifestation. Did you manifest the
idea of having a podcast? – Yes (laughing). – Okay, here’s where I come
in, because I’m, I don’t wanna say skeptical, I just, I
don’t know anything, okay. I’m gonna admit, I’m stupid
in this, I’m tryin’ to learn. Here’s what I know folks, okay. I’m in L.A., for a project that was
only supposed to be there for a couple hours. I go and I shoot, I have a
drone, and I shot the Hollywood sign and I shot six
o’clock in the morning, the Chinese Theatre, and I
need to go charge my batteries up, and I go to a coffee shop,
and I don’t drink coffee. I never go to coffee shops, ever. But it was the only place
I could find where I could charge the batteries. So, I’m sittin’ in this
little coffee shop off of Sunset Boulevard, and I’m
sitting there, and this couple walks in. And I don’t even remember how
we started talking, do you? – You had a barbecue T-shirt on. – Is that what it was, I
had a barbecue T-shirt, and we was talkin’ about
barbecue, and then it was, so where do you live, I live
in Arizona, interesting, we have a center in Sedona. Wow, that’s kinda cool, what do ya do? Well, I’m a doctor, what do you do? I do podcasts, you’re
kidding, we’re thinking about doing a podcast. Now guys, I had no business
being in this coffee shop at all, and as a matter
of fact, I was there to do a project, and the project
ended literally as they were walking into the coffee shop. I got a text from this
person I was going to do the documentary on, and she
goes, “yeah, I don’t wanna do it, I quit.” And they walk into the
coffee shop, like right then. So, you know, three months
later, I get a phone call from you, “okay, we wanna
do it now, time’s right.” And now we’re here. I can’t explain that, that’s
way too many coincidences and then we start talking
and we have a lot of similar friends, yet they live in
Texas and I live in Arizona. This is weird, man. And in a good way, but it’s
different, right, I mean, does this happen very often? – Yeah. – Not to me. – Working with Tachyon, and
working with energy, like, the synchronicities are
truly what comes up for me, it’s like a God thing. Like when God’s telling me,
you’re on the right path, synchronicities start happening. Like, patterns of things,
or like the right person in the coffee shop. Like, we were driving that
morning down Sunset Strip, and he’s like, does
anyone in L.A. have a job? Where is everyone? (laughing) It’s six a.m. and there’s no one. – No one. – on the road. And I was like, it’s
different here, you know, it’s more laid back, they
go to work a little later. There’s not a car on the
street as we drive from where we were staying to the Starbucks. And then we get there,
there’s one car there. We walk into the Starbucks,
you have a shirt that’s a Texas barbecue shirt on. Hello, Texas. – Right. – It was like, okay, well,
let’s talk to this guy. – And, and it’s been a great experience. I mean, we’ve really had a
chance to get to know each other over the past two weeks,
week and a half, and these are really great people
guys, and I’m very excited about you getting to know
The Doctor & The Shaman, who they are, what it is they
do, and how they can help. Now, we do have, you guys
have a clinic, right. It’s in Sedona, Arizona? – We have a Tachyon Center. – Tachyon Center, not a
clinic, it’s a center. – Right. – I don’t know the difference. I guess clinic, would
be you’re fixin’ people, and center is you go and experience. – Yeah. – Okay, all right. How, would you have a website for that? – Yes, it’s, which is t, a, c, h, y, o, n, is
how you spell Tachyon, so. – Okay, we’re gonna come back next week. We’re gonna have another
video, more shows. I wanna talk about Tachyons
a little bit more, I wanna talk a little bit more about
you guys, I wanna find out about your medical journey,
and then we gotta talk about her Hollywood journey. I mean, it’s a lot of fun,
you don’t, you don’t really like talkin’ about it as
much as I thought you would. – Well, it’s a different time
in my life, but I’m happy to talk about it because
it is part of my journey. – It was fun, but you’re
just not there anymore. All right, so again, the website is –
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