The Diabetes Numbers That Matter: Learn from a Physician

What we realize today is that diabetes can
really be a numbers game. Not just the glucoses that you’re checking,
but these important numbers that predict your future chance of problems with diabetes. The blood pressure and LDL have the biggest
impact. We’d all like the blood pressure to be below
130/80, the LDL cholesterol below 100. The A1c below 7 early in the disease, probably
below 8 later on. We’d like the eGFR test always to be over
60, and we’d like your eye doctor at your yearly exam to tell you that your eyes look
clear, and there’s nothing you need to do until he sees you again next year. Know these numbers now, check them regularly,
once a year, sometimes more often, for the rest of your life, and you’ll always be able
to track where you are with your diabetes.

2 thoughts on “The Diabetes Numbers That Matter: Learn from a Physician

  1. Can someone tell me where
    I can find up to date information on the latest guidelines and numbers for
    glucose & A1c for non-diabetics as well as diabetics (2019). I am finding
    conflicting information. What organization(s) or council(s) set the standards.
    If you have a link, I would appreciate it. The numbers I am finding are all
    over the place and accuracy is needed. Thanks so much.

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