The Cure for Obesity-related disease. Excerpt from The Clinic by Dr. H – No Easy Fix

>>Dr. H: Y’know when you’re on TV, the producer comes to you before the segment
and says, “C’mon, Rob. Try to be upbeat.” I’d love to be upbeat, but I can’t be with this subject. Hundreds of thousands of people are dying because of inactivity, excess fat, poor nutrition, and excess cigarettes and alcohol. As a result, certain diseases, specifically, weight-related diabetes or diabetes
type 2 or adult-onset diabetes– Well it used to be adult-onset diabetes until now, you start
getting kids 15, 16 with it — This disease of excess fat, which causes something, it used to be called Syndrome X, which was
kind of like a very scary movie– And it is — Now, it’s called metabolic disease, and
it’s a compilation of the ravages that excess fat marbling into your visceral organs, specifically
the liver, causes. What does it do? It causes your liver to be inable to handle
sugar. It causes your liver to be unable to handle
certain lipids, which then spin around and deposit on your
arteries. It causes inflammatory markers to come out,
which damages your blood vessels and sets you up for earlier atherosclerosis. Excess sugar hooks onto your cells, and it makes a real pliable, nice protein
into this plasticky, brittle substance that’s going to age. There’s a way out of it. But it’s not an easy fix. It’s not a quick fix. And it’s not something that you can just
throw money at. It’s something that you actually have to
work at. And that’s what we do here at the Clinic.

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