The College Of Medicine – Memories & Milestones – Penn State Hershey Medical Center

Dr. Phillip Handler: This institution, more
by its philosophy than by its curriculum, by the attitudes of the faculty rather than
by the impression [coughing] upon the most licensing procedures. We developed a flavor
which characterizes the best of graduate education, and if in so doing I think the world will
receive better physicians at the other end of the line, physicians prepared to practice
in 1980 as well as 1965. [ Music ] Dr. Harold Paz: Good afternoon. Welcome to
Hershey, and welcome to the Penn State family. [applause] Dr. Harold Paz: We are blessed with an abundance
of applicants to this College of Medicine. We had this past year, again, over 7,000 applicants
to the College of Medicine for 145 positions. Dr. Harold Paz: Welcome the class of 2014
to the profession of medicine, and as we celebrate humanism and professionalism. Dr. Harold Paz: And one in six students who
applied to medical school this past year applied to Penn State [applause] College of Medicine. Dr. Richard Simons: I’d like to ask the class
of 2014 to stand for a round of applause. [ Applause ] Dr. Harold Paz: Applicants understand that
they’re going to get a phenomenal education here. Alright, everybody, right here. Nice smile.
[laughter] Here we go. Good. I’ve been told by many people, and without
prompting on my part, there are differences that they notice among our students, for instance,
that because, I think in part, because we have a department of humanities in the College
of Medicine. They approach patients and their families in a way that students from other
places that don’t have that experience in the humanities do. Perfect. Look at you guys. Medicine is a, not only a science, it’s also
an art, and that art is caring for people. That’s among the unique things that George
Harrell had the wisdom to, you know, develop a department of humanities here in the College
of Medicine with an eye toward producing, as he called it, doctors with handbags and
hearts. Dr. Larien Bieber: This was just unheard of
to have things in medical school. You were supposed to learn physiology and biochemistry
and anatomy. To throw these things in the first-year curriculum, it was really unusual. [ Music ] Elliott S. Vesell: Well, we try to select
the best students we could, and we found that in the first few classes when we tried to
go back and analyze why they did so well, they were a little older than the average
medical student class. They had been out in the world and done a few things before they
came to medical school, and that added maturity, which is very important and helped them achieve. [ Music ] Dr. Larien Bieber: Well, it’s a leap of faith
to come to a medical school that consists of a hole in the ground and three doctors.
[laughs] One day when we were interviewing, the building
caught fire. The basic science wing, the fifth floor, and here we are interviewing students
in February, said, oh, yes, we’ll open in September. [laughs] And there’s this big blaze
going on out there. The first class of students was special because
it was a small group. They were very close to each other. Dr. Larien Bieber: The basic science wing
had been completed to about the third floor, and I remember at one time during class a
plumbing thing broke up above, and water came cascading down, and, you know, there was construction
and jackhammers going on all around us. It was a bit crazy at times. They were a pioneering class. Dr. Larien Bieber: Today, I look back and
say, wow, you know. What an amazing thing to have done. [ Music ] I’m proud to be able to say, yeah, I was the
first medical school graduate of Hershey, and I’m, I like that. [laughs] It was luck.
“B” happened to be the first letter of the alphabet of those of us graduating. That’s
not to say it was academic. It wasn’t. It was “B”, [laughs] OK. [ Music ]

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