The Clinic by Dr. Mayoni: Viveve by Viveve-medical

[music plays] Women’s health and pelvic floor dysfunction was the subject of my research project many years ago. During this time it became obvious to me how widespread this condition was and also how little there was in the way of help for sufferers on the NHS. Geneveve was designed by an American company, Viveve, to treat symptoms in women surrounding vaginal laxity, such as reduced sexual functioning, and stress urinary incontinence. This is the tip that we use during the Geneveve procedure. As you can see there is a rectangular surface here and that’s where the radio frequency is emitted from and we then simply rotate the probe so that we can treat the whole of the circumference of the vaginal wall. If you are someone who suffers with symptoms of vaginal laxity which can affect your sexual functioning or you have symptoms of stress urinary incontinence, where you have involuntary loss of urine when you cough or sneeze or exercise, then come and see me We will have a full consultation and I will make sure it’s the right procedure for you.

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