The Children’s Hospital Rehabilitation Unit

One of the most exciting activities
happening here at the Rehabilitation Institute is the development of the Children’s
Hospital rehabilitation unit which we call the CHRU. The CHRU is a
comprehensive inpatient pediatric rehabilitation program specific goal is to maximize the health and functional outcomes for children
after injury illness or surgery and this is a new service that we’re
providing here at children’s we’re very excited be offering this service
because it provides a continuity of care not yet experienced by the patients here at
Children’s Hospital The children’s home is less than one mile away from the main Lawrenceville campus of the
Children’s Hospital it’s actually just down Penn avenue and
children home providing care children now after they’ve been discharged from our
in inpatient unit here extension of our partnership
to develop the Children’s Hospital rehabilitation unit but it’s important to remember at
the Children’s Hospital rehabilitation unit is a children’s hospital unit which
means that our providers are all children’s hospital
providers. All of our doctors have privileges at the that just like their
privileges any other unit at Children’s Hospital
and what that means for our patient excellent continuity of care both from a
medical perspective a nursing perspective and a therapeutic perspective. One of the things that is most exciting about opening the CHRU is bringing
together a team of experts from multiple disciplines that will be
working together with the child at the center of the team and the family working closely to advanced outcomes we’re very excited to bring integrated transdisciplinary team approach to
Children’s Hospital it is our goal to make sure
that children have the best quality like as possible

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