The Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s University Hospital – New Brunswick, NJ

Speaker 1: From the moment your baby is born, you never stop wishing for the best and worrying about the what-if’s. That’s why so many parents and families trust the exceptional team at the Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s University Hospital. We can now detect, and often prevent many serious illnesses long before symptoms arrives. We have new methods for battling diseases and we perform revolutionary procedures that literally give children a new lease on life. Speaker 2: The mission of the Children’s Hospital is to provide the comprehensive care for children and the safest child-friendly, family-friendly environment. Speaker 1: Our neonatal intensive care unit is one of the largest in the state and one of the most sophisticated in the country, providing the smallest and the most fragile patients with specialized care and support. We have our own neonatal and pediatric transport team standing by to safely bring critically ill newborns and children from other hospitals to ours. For toddlers through adolescents, our dedicated team of pediatric specialists delivers expert physical care while focusing on a child’s emotional concerns. From music and pet therapies, to play therapy, children are immersed in a total healing environment and makes them feel safe and secure. If a child needs physical therapy to recover from surgery or illness or to help overcome motor or developmental delays, our therapist will create individualized programs to help them strengthen their bodies. Speaker 2: Saint Peter’s was designated as Children’s Hospital by the state of New Jersey for its accomplishments and the services that the hospital provided that are not provided in a regular hospital. This goes beyond the routine services and focuses on multi-specialty services that are not available in other hospitals. Speaker 1: At the Children’s Hospital, we diagnose, treat and provide emotional support for children battling cancer and rare blood diseases. Our pediatric hematology oncology program is a clinical test site for the National Cancer Institute ‘s Children Oncology Group, and no one understands more how precious a child’s smile is than the specialists at our Cranial Facial Neuro Surgical Center. Our multi-disciplinary team has literally worked miracles for children suffering with cleft lips, cleft paletes and other facial abnormalities. At Saint Peter’s Institute for Genetic Medicine, our genetic councilors help families cope with inherited conditions such as enzyme deficiencies, chromosome abnormalities, cancer and more through diagnosis, management, education and support. Speaker 2: The Children’s Hospital currently at Saint Peter’s has a Pediatric Residency Program and is also an affiliate of Drexel University College of Medicine f#[3:06]from real medical students rotate for their clinical training. Speaker 1: As a major teaching hospital, Saint Peter’s is at the forefront of the latest research treatments and procedures. Through our affiliations with Drexel University College of Medicine and the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia, medical students at our Pediatric residence are continually expanding their skills as they work alongside physicians at Saint Peter’s to become the leading specialists of tomorrow. We’ve also teamed with the Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia to bring the best pediatric cardiac care in the nation right here in our own community. With the establishment of the CHOP Cardiac Center at Saint Peter’s, top specialist monitor and treat cardiac abnormalities in infants and children. It all adds up to parents and families feeling the ultimate reassurance that their children will benefit from the very latest medical and surgical advancements during their stay at the Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s. When it comes to surgery, our pediatric surgical teams and our pediatric anesthesiologist have years of specialty training and are acutely attuned to the special needs of children. In our Pediatric Intensive Care Unit, children recovering from surgery or serious illness receive the highest level of medical care, and the most compassionate personal attention, and a child who arrives at Saint Peter’s Pediatric Emergency Department is treated in an environment designed and equipped specifically for children and cared for by a specially trained physicians and nurses. We also reach out into the community through our Family Health Center, which provides healthcare to children of underserved families. As these children grow, our early literacy program helps to instill a love of reading and learning. In our Dorothy B. Hersh Regional Child Protection Center, victims of child abuse find help when there’s nowhere else to turn. Children ages 5 to 17 who suffer from emotional and behavioral difficulties can also be helped through our For KEEPS program. We even extended a helping hand beyond our borders, sending a team of healthcare professionals to Guatemala, where many people have a little or no access to even the most basic medical care. Come see why the Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s University Hospital is recognized as one of the leading Children’s Hospitals in New Jersey. The Children’ s Hospital at Saint Peter’s The Children’s Hospital at Saint Peter’s University Hospital Captions by

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