The Center for Visual Rehabilitation – Support Groups & SightFirst Grant

The Center for Visual Rehabilitation – Support Groups & SightFirst Grant Dr. Bhavani R. Iyer: The support groups are brought to us, and the patients, through a grant called the SightFirst Grant, which is an outreach arm of the Lion’s Club International Foundation. And the support groups were created to help patients have a forum, and they’re able to come and talk about their vision loss. It’s an informal forum for them to talk to each other and find out how others are coping with the vision loss. What have they done that I could possibly do in my life and make life easier? And just knowing that there was somebody else that’s out there that’s going through what I have gone through. Maybe there’s an easier way to doing things, and maybe I’m not doing as bad as I thought I was. I’m Lexi. I’m 13. I live in Spring, Texas, and I’ve been living with visual impairment since I was a baby. When I was born, they thought I was all blind, so I’m not supposed to be able to see right now, but I can. And I skateboard and ride my bike without hands. I just learn differently than other people. I like singing, and I was in choir two years ago, and then I’m in choir this year. And I’m also in drama club and acting.
I was the lead in the school play two years ago. Wow! Awesome! I had my fair share of teasing. People can be mean, but you don’t let them hurt your feelings. Like, got to keep a high head about it. The Center for Visual Rehabilitation
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