The Cancer Center at Stillwater Medical Center

I would say my patients give me alot. I have
to take 5 minutes because I’m a little emotional about that.
But um, there’s a lot to be said for looking at someone who was ill when we first met them,
and who we can look at and know we’ve had a positive impact on them. You have to love your patients to take care
of them. I’ve learned that compassion is what makes it work and everybody here at Stillwater
Medical Center loves their patients and loves each other. We all have the same goal and that’s our patients.
So we come in with the same mentality, that we’re here not to just do a job, but to take
care of our patients. We have to be able to look at the people we
take care of, and treat them the same way we’d treat any family member we have. Our patients have great attitudes and know
how to live life for each moment that they have. They are so strong and have so much
willpower to just keep going and fighting. And the more you push them the more they will
fight. The nurses down there, they called everyday.
Checked on me, see how I was doing. If they told me tomorrow I was done, I’d still go
down there and see those girls and Dr. O. Everyday is the best day of my life, because
each day that I have with my husband and my kids are very important. And that’s the best days. I’ve had a life time of little sweet pieces
of special. And um, I just want them to know I love them. I never felt alone and I never felt abandoned.
You know, there’s like always a team there with me. You get told you’ve got cancer, man,
it’s your…it’s your fight, you know. Basically you are on your own, but I never did ever
feel that way. I’ve had more days thanks to Dr. O and Stillwater
Medical Center. They have gave me that. They have been the bright spot of my cancer.
If I had to choose not to have had cancer and not to have met them; I’d choose the cancer
and I’d be glad that I met each one of these ladies for the specialness that they have
each given me. We go into medicine to help. Being able to
feel that we were able to help this person, some where in their journey, with the illness
that they had, with the cancer that they had, that to me is profoundly rewarding.

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