The Brain Injury Rehabilitation Program at Craig Hospital

– There’s a reason why
thousands of patients like me have walked through the
doors of Craig Hospital every year since 1955. It’s not just because of
Craig’s world class outcomes, or expertise in brain injury, or the remarkable longevity of staff, leading research, peer mentoring, and family housing. It’s not because of the
patient centered treatment, or state-of-the-art facility. When you come to Craig, you’re not just getting
the best care out there. When you come to Craig, you join a family. (light upbeat music) – Craig is more than just a place for brain injury rehabilitation. It’s a place that changes you forever, and helps you return to an independent and meaningful life. – Why we chose Craig was, from the second that
I walked in the doors, in knew it was the right place. Everywhere that I went on the tour, I thought, oh my God, this is amazing, there’s people out and
about doing therapy, everyone looks so happy, felt like there was a camaraderie. – Following a catastrophic brain injury it’s important to understand that you, or your loved one may
need a very specialized, focused brain injury system of care. – This is where you wanna go for a complex traumatic brain injury because of the experience that we have as a collective group of physicians, and therapy, and nursing specialists. So, our specialized approach, and our years of experience and expertise, give us a real unique ability to address needs for the patients. – Knowing that they were
nationally renowned. That they had this
multi-disciplinary care team. They had exceptional patient outcomes, and as evidence that
where I was sending Mike was gonna be amazing. – After our initial assessment, we set up goals, we work everyday, every week, towards those goals. We align with the patient and their family in terms of where they
wanna be when they go home. – When we got there, they set us up, introduced us to our care team. – And the teams consist of the physician, a rehabilitation nurse, a neuropsychologist, a physical therapist, occupational therapist, and speech therapist, but we also have a therapeutic
recreation specialist, a music therapist. – The entire rehabilitation
team needs to understand those interactive dynamics. Personalized, individualized care, taking into account the individual, personal traits with
the injury’s severity, and then as an individual gets better with their injury, you as a team, have to have the experience and wherewithal to keep up
with their changing needs, and keep up with families
changing expectations, and be prepared for community integration, and the next phase of their life. – The other part is
critical of our component, in terms of team planning is, who is this patient? And recognizing this person before injury and where we have to get
them to after injury. – One thing that Craig always said is that we’re not just here for only you, we’re here for your whole family, which is something that made me feel super comfortable while being there because when a brain injury happens, it doesn’t just happen to an individual, it does happen to the entire family. – Craig houses families on the campus. So, right next to us is family housing. Families can be involved in
their loved one’s whole day, from getting up in the morning, to going to bed at night, and I think that’s a
comfort for families, too. – It’s not just a recommendation that families are involved. It’s actually, pretty much, an expectation that families are involved in all of our therapy sessions, in order to learn the skills, to be able to take their
loved one home with them. – I think, as a nurse, I was able to see that the
employees where super happy, and I think that that actually
makes a big difference in the care that you get, and in terms of their outcomes, you can see that. – Our discharge to home rate is very high. So, we’re not only able to
take folks through inpatient, but we’re also able to follow them through our community
reintegration program, and our driving program, and our outpatient program, back out into the community, and help support them to be successful. – The speech therapy, that was the main focus
point being an engineer and getting back at that cognitive level the demands of kinda high
paced work environment. – Speech pathologists and
occupational therapists work together for
augmentative communication. So, helping of patient’s
ability to communicate and then, assistive technology, which also may be, them being able to access technology, or use technology to, again, communicate with kinda the outside world. – What’s really impactful
about therapy here at Craig is maximizing somebody’s independence, bathing, dressing, feeding, homemaking, we have all the adaptive equipment, or adaptive techniques for somebody with limited mobility to be able to participate
in those activities. – When patients come to
Craig this is all new and what we really wanna
provide for them is hope, is opportunity, is really opening the
doors of what’s possible. – Years later, as I look back and we all look in the mirror, how am I in one piece? And I can’t fathom the recovery process going any better on any level, and I get a little smile to my face when I’m going through
the hallways at Craig because I know what I was like, and what Craig did for me. – It’s important to be confident that you’ve chosen the best quality care for yourself, or your loved one. Our patients live healthier, happier, and more independent lives than their peers at other facilities. At Craig, we don’t just provide
the best care out there. We empower lives. So, come to Craig and join our family. Visit to
start your admissions process.

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