The Birthing Pavilion at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center

(gentle upbeat music) – Hi, my name’s Jen, I’m a
nurse in the Birthing Pavilion at Dartmouth-Hitchcock Medical Center, and I’d like to give
you a tour of our unit. Let’s start at the main entrance. Here we are at the main entrance. We’re a secure unit here. Every baby gets a little security tag that goes on his or her ankle, and if the baby gets near an
exit, the doors will alarm. We’re very fortunate on
the Birthing Pavilion to have the Intensive Care Nursery right down the hall from us. They’re very helpful in any situation that we have an emergency arise, or if your baby needs
to spend any time there. Now we’re gonna go to the triage room. This is our triage room. This is a room you may come to when you first come to
the Birthing Pavilion. If you’re having any
complications in your pregnancy, if you think your water’s broken, or you think you’re in labor, call your doctor or midwife
and they’ll help you sort out whether or not you should
come here to get checked out. Some things we do in this room are watch for the baby’s
heartbeat on the monitor, do an ultrasound if needed, and do an exam to see if you are in labor or not. This is one of our patient rooms. This is a single room, but
we also have double rooms if we need them. If you’re in labor, you’re
sure to have your single room. Some nice things we have in
here, this is a fetal monitor. We use this during your labor
to watch the baby’s heartbeat, and we also use it to watch the contraction pattern if we need to. This is a baby’s warmer, it obviously keeps the
babies warm if we need to, but it also has the equipment
we need for the delivery. This is our labor bed. It obviously is a bed, but you can put it in different positions. This is one of our bassinets, we encourage rooming-in here
in the Birthing Pavilion, and this is where your baby
will sleep on his or her back. We do provide some
things while you’re here. The drawers open, we have wipes and we have diapers and
we have some T-shirts. This is our flat-screen TV,
it also has a DVD player if you bring some videos
you’d like to watch. We have a rocking chair that you can use to soothe your baby. Every room has it’s own bathroom
with a shower and a tub. And I’d also like to
show you our spa rooms. This is one of our spa rooms. People like to use these
a lot during labor. They find that the water is very helpful during the contractions. Your significant other can join
you if he or she would like. And we also have a CD player if you’d like to bring your own music. This is our operating room, which is why I’m dressed like this. The great thing about our operating room is it’s right here on
the Birthing Pavilion. So come on in and have a look. This is one of our two operating rooms here on the Birthing Pavilion. They’re both fully equipped. We do things in here, mostly C-sections, but there are other procedures we could do here on the floor if we needed to. We have the surgeons and
anesthesia in-house 24-hours a day, which is very helpful for us. This is our nursery. As you can see there are
no babies in here right now because we do encourage rooming-in. However, if you do need a break, this is where your baby will come. We also do tests and procedures in here, such as hearing screens and blood draws. This is a lactation consultant’s office. They see moms that are breast-feeding, and help them establish
a breast-feeding plan, and they also help with pump education if that’s what’s needed. They are also available
once you’re discharged, and you can set that up by
calling the Birthing Pavilion. What I’d like to show you
now is a family waiting room. Come on in, have a look. This is a family waiting room. We have a flat-screen
TV with a DVD player, we’ve got lots of space
to keep you comfortable. We have couches that pull out into beds, and we have vending machines for those middle of the
night snacks you need. We don’t have set visiting hours here in the Birthing Pavilion. We do have a nap time
everyday from two to four. Since babies require feedings
in the middle of the night, it’s important for new
families to get rest. During that time, we dim the lights, and we ask that if you have visitors, they don’t come during that time. Also, if your family or any visitors have cold, flu, of flu-like symptoms, we ask them not to come during that time. So that was the Birthing Pavilion. We hope you enjoyed your tour. We’re very proud of our
unit and our staff here. We hope for a healthy pregnancy for you, and we look forward to seeing you.

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