The best job in the world – the NOTSS Division, Oxford University Hospitals

NOTSS is a very exciting division to work in it includes neurosciences which is neurology and neurosurgery, orthopedics
which is a centre of excellence trauma we are a major trauma centre and specialist surgery we are looking for very dedicated individuals we are very keen on new recruits we are very familiar with taking new people to work with us and we are always very excited for them to join our department we have a diversity of staff within our wards who are very welcoming
and look forward to bringing on new staff the first day I came here on this ward it was so welcoming every member of the staff i met was like Welcome Jincy, welcome to the ward we’re looking
forward to work with you I came here and they had the whole schedule planned for me
and it was so easy to get on with it they had the whole of the orientation
program and now I feel so confident standing here saying that anyone who
comes to work on this ward will be confident because there will be people
to support you from all the sides you never feel left alone pretty much as soon as I started I was
aware that on each and every single ward here you know we do have that practice
development nurse she helped me identify what needs to be done and what I need to be doing
which made me feel like I was in a good direction I knew I was doing I was happy
I was coming into work knowing what was happening and what was going to be
involved the first year on qualification is really really important that we make
sure that we look after nurses and give them the theory the guidelines really to
make sure that they can do that job but it’s also followed up with our
development nurses and practice educators who work alongside staff from
the time I started within the specialty I’ve been supported encouraged and
helped in every way possible to develop myself to become part of a team and to
follow what has become a now long career pathway and even now the support that
got me to this stage remains in place and is an integral part of the unit that we work in It’s really really interesting and your
knowledge just keeps expanding for example today I’ve learnt three new
things already that I can take home with me and I’ve been here six years and that
will never stop the opportunities are there you don’t have to run behind them
they just come and find you you just have to say yes to them your managers they support us for
everything you go and say to them look I want to do this there’s an opportunity
may I and they say yes of course why not if you’re interested you’re most welcome you will never be
let down by them the progression within Neurosciences
means that you can move from Neurology to Neurosurgery and we have
access within the entire division we’ve sent quite a few nurses to areas outside
of Neurosciences to help them in developing their careers as well It’s a nice opportunity
to move throughout different departments being in Division like the NOTSS division you
can always do rotations throughout and secondments and things which gives you that
extra bit of experience in different areas having a good training program on
all of our wards across the division empowers staff and enables them to develop
individually at their own pace but also making sure that they’ve got the skills
and knowledge base in practice to prevent that theory practice gap and
to close it You need to be quite a a strong and driven person be ambitious and
always reach for the next thing ahead of you don’t limit yourself if you
hungry for it and it’s something that you really want to speak to your
supervisor speak to the manager that’s in charge of you and they will support
you to get there you know all about hard work and dedication you get to where you
want to be from your manager from your deputy manager from the matron and from all the colleagues who work with
you regardless of the senior or junior they all support you are a part of a team
and nothing really divides us so it’s a team it’s a big big team so anyone who
comes is welcome to say I enjoyed it probably an understatement I actually I
love I love going to work I love my team and we work so well together and it
makes a great working experience there is a lot of responsibility but the responsibility is
balanced by knowing that you’re not alone you’re encouraged as a team you
developed as a team and everybody has a part to play in that if you haven’t got
staff that got the knowledge and the skills it’s going to be reflected in
your practice so to have up to date evidence based practice you need to ensure that
staff have up to date knowledge and skills so we ensure that
happens in our induction program we have group teaching but we also have bedside
teaching and we can also request individual teaching so if a staff
members is struggling with one area of practice we would go with them to the
bedside or maybe into the treatment room and do some individual teaching with them
the team have been really supportive from the word go the practice development nurses are excellent
they’re always there if you’ve got even the smallest query they’re just there and fully
support you a hundred-percent the team I work with a great they’ve really
got your back it’s a really big team effort over in trauma I feel safe here I think
they’re very honest which is really important and if you want something bad
enough they will support you to get there I think we are a great team I really really believe that and I can come in on any shift and I don’t mind who I am working with, I can work with anyone they’re all great the team is half the battle if you’ve got a
decent team behind you can do anything our team are just great and they really gee you up when you feel rubbish A lot of my work
colleagues are my friends we do have a lot of fun but we also have that respect
of knowing each others what we’re good at utilising each others skills really it’s a great atmosphere its very often
mentioned that somebody will inspire your nursing career and the ward manager
that employed me and developed me and ultimately led to me doing my training is somebody I truely aspire to be to be It’s a team a good team you can’t find any team like this anywhere else in
any hospitals in any wards this is the one big team one big family a lot of work you need to do is about recognising
who you are and what you want to do with your career and actually not be afraid
to ask for support and encouragement and development within any unit should be
intrinsic to that unit you but what you need as a person the only people that can
truly say that is yourself being a nurse at band 5 I would always aim at
becoming a manager one day of the ward where I work that’s my aim of being here
obviously I want to become a manager one day but yeah i mean i think im on the
road to be there It is an excellent place to work a centre of clinical excellence there’s lots of support there’s also lots of
research that happens here so you’re at the pinnacle of your nursing development
you really do feel supported and you just feel like you can achieve so much
Putting a smile on a patient’s face just means more to me than anything I
absolutely love coming to work every day it makes me feel really important and wanted I even like putting my uniform on I think it’s the best job in the world

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