The Art of Healing at UCSF Medical Center at Mission Bay

– [Shinique] It’s kind of
like a beautiful struggle, being human. It’s OK to take the
bitter sweetness of life and find beauty in it. – [Dave] I think if you’re there, you might be coming there a lot, so I’d like something to be
interesting to you over time. Usually, I’ll do something
and it’s in one big room or a couple rooms. But, in this case, it’s sort of spread out throughout a lot of different spaces on a lot of different floors. – [Clare] I think all art is healing, whether you’re making it
or you’re looking at it. But, I think symbology
is really important. – There’s evidence that
creating supportive environments really helps patients and families through their ordeal in the hospital. We looked for artists who
we though shared our values and then, if they were
interested in the project, they actually came down to Mission Bay, we toured them around and they actually selected their own canvas. – [Dave] I’d like the
viewing sort of to be like, you may see only this much a lot of time, but then one day, you’re
going down some other way because something was different and you get to see more
and you’re gonna like, geez, well how much is this? – [Clare] I wanted to create
something that was colorful and vibrant and uplifting and the hummingbird, in particular, is the tiniest bird, and it is a symbol of regeneration and love. – [Shinique] I was visiting
the children’s hospital and there was poetry on the walls that young patients had written and it was so thoughtful and mature and I’m using the energy from that, mixed with my own, to create the work. – [Cindy] Our mission is caring, healing, teaching and discovering and we have taken caring and healing, I think, to new heights
in this environment by introducing light and art and gardens. It’s ended up to be a very rich and wonderful experience
all the way around. (soft music)

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