I used to be able to walk 15 years ago I had surgery on my spinal cord and lost my ability to walk I would stay at home all the time I wouldn’t go anywhere I didn’t want anyone to come over to see me I didn’t want to anyone come to visit me and see me like this That was it I felt as if I was the chair Now things are different The centre mixes the disabled with the other people Everyone wants to help out When someone sees a disabled person in the community they offer help immediately Everyone started to like me Disabilities simply don’t exist anymore People have united If someone sees a disabled person they help them out We’ve all become the same I’m a trainer in the arts I like art a lot More than you can imagine Art is the nicest thing of all When you work on things you feel such pleasure making them You feel happy and alive I love children and I train them because I want them to be happy to raise their self-confidence and improve their skills and talents When they make art they feel that they are discovering new things I’ve trained disabled children as well and many of them started to rely on themselves more They became stronger and more self-confident I love to train anyone Children. Grownups. Everyone.

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