Hello guys. It’s a sunny sunday for us. Isn’t it? The weather’s great. I’ll be escorting my madame to the hospital and she’s going to have her tour. Madame, kindly show yourself to the camera. Where are we going? To the hospital. To a lying-in clinic (sarcastic). Look. She’s flaunting an off-shoulder despite the fact that she’s pregnant. Hey, flaunt your outfit. Let’s go to the other one. Look at my outfit. You know when you just woke up and the immediately someone asked you to accompany her somewhere. And then you just removed your sleeping socks… then left right away. I wore a little bit of lip-tint. I love the sunlight today. We can jog today. Hang on guys, I’m having a hard time doing this. Oh my my legs are flaking. My legs are gross. Super dry. My legs are super dry. Mine are super dry. It’s flaking and they’re white. Ewww. Look at my pregnant sister who’s wearing an off-shoulder. She doesn’t seem prepared at all. Excuse me, It just so happened that I saw this. I wore this a long time ago. Cool. Later. Let’s head first to the hospital. I’m sleepy. To where we are going? To where we went before? Yes. So here’s the situation. Last time, we went to the hospital to have her checkup. And then… can you please lower the volume. Thanks. Now, we weren’t able to go to a tour. It’s niece if it’s a girl, isn’t it? This is a posh neighbourhood. Ayala Alabang is the Philippines’ equivalent of this. We’re here again at Bangkok… Bangkok Thai. She’ll be grabbing something. I’m dizzy. Go ahead. They’re here. That’s quick. That took us one minute.

Let’s just eat here. Don’t make a fuss about it. The hospital’s nearby. What’s the idea behind you pointing that cam to me? Is it around here? No. She told earlier that she’ll open the food in the hospital. After 5 seconds she changed her mind. Alright. That’s cool. How much is that? Amazing. There’s a lot. I didn’t realize there’s a lot. How many are these? Four? She said that she’ll open it later. But then, we’re going to eat now. They’re fighting over a piece. So who’s the hungry one now? I can’t accept that CJ will have a piece before me. There was a little squabble. I should’ve been recording. I want that sauce. It’s so hot in this attire. You wished for that, didn’t you? She overdid it. Well, to be fair you can’t wear that at night. So we’re here at the parking after we gobbled down on some food. The only pregnant woman that I know who flaunts a flashy attire. Kindly show it off to the people I’ll flex it. Flex your outfit. That style is in right now – the off-shoulder. I kid. Let’s go. Some flexing is happening right now. Yes. This building is entirely for parking That’s very cool. Is that automatic? Automatic. Why isn’t that… ano… automatic? We have to hurry. We’re late. This one’s always late. She’s always late. Hospital’s close every sunday (sarcastic). America’s unique. Every sunday, hospitals are closed. How are you two? How do you feel right now? Excited. I can feel that your kicks all the time. I feel like you wanted to get out now. CC, behave. because we’re having a tour. Do you want to say something to your child?

Cooperate. I’ll be excellent pushing out. She must be excellent getting out. Ok? Look how finicky your mom is. Hi, this is your auntie. Your ever beautiful aunt. We’re gonna see you soon. We’re gonna meet you. And then, you have to study hard. Don’t bring boys in our house. Boys are not allowed until you’re 35. So here we are, guys. We’re done doing the tour. What can you say about that? It’s ok. The hospital’s fine. They said this is the third best hospital here. Looks amazing. Bit by bit I was able to record the tour since I’m not sure if it’s allowed. But they told me that it is. What’s not allowed is the actual delivery. In contrast, the before and after are allowed. So you know what I’ll do. What do you call that? I’ll sneak in for some footages. Ninja moves, the ninja moves. I’m an expert. They’ll never know. Will they? So, let’s go back home. I’m tired, friends.


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