Thanksgiving at Golisano Restorative Neurology and Rehabilitation Center

Some patients can’t be home for the holidays
spent the day preparing a special Thanksgiving day feast to share with their loved ones. Patients at the Golisano Restorative Neurology
& Rehabilitation Center peeling potatoes and preparing a green bean casserole. This gives them a chance to celebrate Thanksgiving
with their families by making it a part of their rehabilitation, especially from brain
injuries. It’s nice. I mean, while they’re cooking, you learn things
about them and what they used to do at home, and their cooking experiences and taking them
back to the days when they used to peel potatoes when they were younger and they’re trying
to tell us these stories. And a lot of people right now might have trouble
moving a limb or trouble with their speech. So, it’s a nice way to work on therapy while
they are doing something they enjoy. And the dinner is set up as a buffet later
in the evening so the families can come down and dine with them.

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