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[girls shouting] Again? Again? Yeah let’s go again! Yeah let’s go again! I think they wanna do it again. [intro music] Good morning everyone today we are going to Disneyland, but it’s gonna be a very special trip because we are going with the cousins so Layla is gonna come cause she’s on school break, Brooklyn’s gonna come, Aunt Sarah’s gonna come we’re gonna have a lot of fun. We made it, we’re here at Disneyland well, the parking lot. And Jacob is dressed as a Jedi again, but this time he’s got like an offic- oh hi [Parker noises] Yeah? He’s got an official Jedi costume on That’s actually his Halloween costume, we didn’t buy that just to go to Disneyland but we’re trying to get all of our uses out of it. I do like the pillowcase Jedi, but what’s the pillowcase Jedi, like stuffing him with- No, he wore a pillowcase to Disneyland last time. Pillowcase was solid but he’s super, super excited about wearing this one. My sister recommended we do that and I was like eh this is gonna be weak and the second I did it I was like this is the best thing I’ve ever done. Parker where are we going? [Parker mumbles] Where? [more mumbles] Where? Disneyland Where? DISNEYLAND! Today my cousins are coming with us to Disneyland Brooklyn is four and Layla is six. Oh no, I forgot my card for you! Oh, it’s alright! Next time I see you I’ll- It’s in the car Oh, what’s it say? Dear Layla, I love you very much I’m so excited to go on California Screamin’ and Goofy’s Sky School for the first time Ooh Parker Love Bailey Jacob was super excited about wearing his Jedi costume as you just saw, but uh, when I put sunscreen on him I took it off and he had these like rashes on his arm and we don’t know if it’s from that or not, but let’s just say he didn’t get it from the pillowcase costume. Look at his arms though and they’re like hot and raised. So we don’t know what’s going on with him We’re gonna keep an eye on it, we’re taking off the Jedi costume but he’s still a Jedi at heart, so that’s good. And now the other arm? Yeah, we’ll get the other arm too. Alright, we’re leaving the health services area, we gave him some Benadryl and some cortisone cream. Hydrocortisone? I don’t know, I don’t know how you say it but anyway, hopefully it gets better we’ll keep an eye on it today and now I think we’re gonna try and go on some rides. How are you feeling? Good You feeling okay? Yeah? Your arm looks way better You wanna go on some rides? Let’s go on some rides How ’bout we go on that Ferris wheel? The Ferris wheel? Yeah Where we going? You didn’t know that was happening, huh? You weren’t ready for that? I’m ready to go upside down You don’t go upside down You don’t go upside down on this ride Oh boy I think it’s time for a swingy swing What? Look at Jacob I can’t stand it! I can’t stand it either! Oh no Oh my god! This is your first time going upside down? Yes! You excited? Yes! Yeah? Bailey, you excited? I’m gonna take that as a yes that’s a yes. 3, 2, 1, Go! Headband, headband, get your headband I wanna go again Come on, come on Let’s go again, lets go again Did you like it? Again? Again? Yeah let’s go again! Yeah let’s go again! I think they wanna do it again Okay behind me here is Ariel’s Grotto and it is a restaurant that you go to and characters come out and talk to you now we’ve only done that one time not this restaurant, we did it over at Paradise Pier As a special surprise because the cousins are here and because Layla loves mermaids, we’re gonna do this today. But they don’t know yet so let’s tell them. Do they know that Layla is a mermaid? Are you a mermaid, for real? Yes Really? Yes How’s that work? How do you know you’re a mermaid? Because my friend made me one Your friend made you one? What was that process like? Um she’s a sea mermaid and she tapped me with her wand Oh, cool! So this place here is called Ariel’s Grotto and they have characters that come up to your table while you’re eating Like princesses And we have reservations there for lunch right now This is where we’re eating lunch Layla! In a mermaid lunch stop! It’s a mermaid restaurant Is it underwater? Are you excited? Meh Parker what do you see? Is it the little mermaid? Are you excited about meeting her? Do you wanna give her a big hug? No No? Why not? Big smiles! Over here Very good Something terrible has happened Bailey left her headband on the Goofy Fly School- Sky School! Sky School flying school of flight ride You fly cause you fly in the sky sky fly But she left her headband, that’s the most important part of what I’m trying to tell you here and we’ve gotta get that thing. So that’s gonna be our quest after lunch is to find that In general You appreciate a good quest A good quest is like what I want. Always. Alright, that’s on the docket then, which is something I want in my life, is more dockets. More dockets and quests. You should have people in the comment section like challenge us to a quest or something Okay, if you guys have a quest and not a quest that’s like come to my house, cause but if you have a quest that you want us to go on, write it in the comment section and one day we’ll go on one of those quests and it’ll be epic. Parker is super out of it He is so tired He is beyond tired He is like what. Is going. On? What. Is. Happening? Now, who’s ready to meet some princesses? Ladies and gentlemen, lords and ladies, our first royal guest is about to join us. This lovely maiden has beautiful golden hair with magical healing powers and she find excitement in following her dreams. Please welcome the smart and adventurous, Rapunzel! I’m confused, I don’t know what’s happening They just left, they’re gone They announced them and then they checked out Like both of them, even the guy that was like singing a second ago some song I’ve never heard before, he’s gone. He’s out. Parker’s all where’s Rapunzel? Where is Rapunzel? Where’s Rapunzel? Um I think maybe she’ll come back soon, hopefully. The princess from New Orleans, Princess Tiana! We’ve been presented several princesses, way over there. Way over there. Aren’t you not supposed to complain about anything at Disneyland, Christopher? I’m stating fact, I’m not complaining, I’m having a great time I’m teaching my children about distance Spatial awareness and distance, very important. Homeschooling. What are all your names, 1, 2, 3, go! Nice to meet you all, I got all of those Oh, yeah? Yeah. Yeah Bailey’s so excited So we went on the grizzly bear rapids ride, looked like this. All the kids needed to go to the bathroom while we were on the ride we were like just wait till we get off the ride please a lot of dancing happened, but I think all the kids made it, now they’re all in the bathroom Did you go on some rides? What rides did you go on? [Parker mumbles] Three, four, and eleven? Same as pancakes? I think we have to work on his counting So we’re saying our goodbyes to the cousins and everybody and they’re gonna go home and we are gonna play a little more. We’re sorta back where we started the day because we started back over there in the medical area and now we’re at guest relations which is this thing behind me We’re trying to find the hairband that Bailey lost. So far, doesn’t look very hopeful. How you feeling buddy? Good Are you tired? What? Yeah, you’re tired? That Benadryl is making you probably kinda sleepy Not very tired Are you tired? Yeah, you’re tired? You didn’t have and Benadryl though Which is good, that means you’re not sick It’s because he didn’t have a nap Yeah, that’s why you’re tired, is cause you haven’t had a nap So Jessica asked what the deal was and they said oh maybe we could call them, I don’t know and then they did, and they have her hairband there, so we’re gonna have to like go, and get that hairband Update: we went to get the headband and look what happened Wait a second, there it is! Did you get it back? Are you happy about it? And you’re hiding it You were really close to the finish Let’s go on grizzly rapids one more time! And we’re stuck on the rapids ride and there’s like four rafts behind us It’s a big pile up and you probably can’t hear a word I’m saying What? Exactly I feel like he’s making some important announcement and we cannot hear it Nobody move! Nobody move Did the ride just shut down? I don’t know, they’re making announcements, I can’t hear them Oh dear, oh boy! Did you have fun? And I’m soaked! Do you wanna do it again? Yeah The kids are on round four, grizzly bear rapids Alright, so Jacob just went on the ride his fifth time today fifth time today It was a walk on How was it? Wet? Very good I feel like I’m in my bathing suit, look at my skirt! Uh, maybe not pulling your skirt up on the internet, how about that? How about that as a general rule everybody Anyway, we had a great day, we found a headband that we lost earlier Uh oh, where’s the headband now? Where is it, did you lose it again? Yep Is it in the middle of the grizzly bear rapids? Are you trying to get back on the grizzly bear rapids? So we’re back inside the medical center We were eating dinner and Jacob’s hives came back and they came back strong so Parker and I went and got him all new clothes How you feeling buddy, you feeling alright? Can I show them your new outfit? Yeah? Okay This is- this is probably the coolest shirt ever, so that’s good But you can see he’s got some hives going on on his face here and they’re back on his legs Here, watch how, [unintellligible] stand to the side. Stand to the side baby Man See that whole leg? Yeah So we’re just- we’re trying to be careful before we drive home and figure out what’s going on with him I think we’re gonna go to the doctor tomorrow first thing That is some welty business Does it itch? It does itch? Really badly Okay, don’t scratch it I’ll try not. I haven’t scratched it yet I know, you’re doing a great job We don’t know what it’s from. We thought it was from his outfit, then we thought it was maybe because of milk or something but we have no idea so we’re gonna just keep an eye on him keep giving him Benadryl and taking him to the doctor tomorrow unless he gets worse tonight, if he get worse tonight we’ll just take him to the hospital. Hi, let’s talk about what we learned today We learned that it’s exciting to go to lunch with a bunch of princesses unless you’re already a mermaid. We learned that everyone was focused on finding Bailey’s headband, until this guy showed up. Kinda pulled the focus. Both on my camera and on the vlog And finally, we learned that nothing puts the baby to sleep like the roaring sound of a foaming rapid Thanks for watching everybody, we’ll see ya next time. okay, put it on your head This strap I think is in the right place No, it’s not? It’s not in the right place? Here, good? You want help? You want help? Okay There ya go

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  1. Laya was the one that LOVES mermaids and she was the least excited πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

  2. I love that Rapunzzel! πŸ’˜πŸ‘±πŸΌβ€β™€οΈπŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ‘ΈπŸΌπŸ‘ΈπŸΌ

  3. Seeing tower of terror makes me wanna cry because they changed it. I mean yes I love Guardians of the Galaxy but it won’t be the same. I have been to Disneyland 15 times when Tower of terror was there and it’s nostalgic for me.

  4. Pause at 12:53 and then hit play. There’s a guy walking behind Christopher. In his head he is probs like, β€œI’m the king of the world!”

  5. At the intro they edited themselves as scary but bailey wasn't. Does that mean she's scary. I know she isn't she is adorable but I am just saying. I am not hating on her but yeah she wasn't edited. Bye

  6. β€œLayla is gonna come because she’s on spring break”
    hears Layla (cause that’s my name)
    I’m gonna go to Disneyland with you?

  7. I have a quest for you , can you guys go to the red wood Forrest and search for a deer, And then take a picture of it and send it to someone on Snapchat please

  8. Omg… I feel bad for Jacob because I used to get hives a lot when I was younger and I know how bad it feels

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