Texas Back Institute Flower Mound Clinic

Hi, my name is Raj Arakal, I’m a spine surgeon
here at the Texas Back Institute. I’m one of the directors for orthopedic spine at the
Medical Center of Plano, which is an Orthopedic Regional Trauma Center, it’s a level 2 Trauma
Center. So we take care of traumas and high-level injuries. In my elective practice, I take
care of sports injuries. I’m one of the consultants at the Michael Johnson Facility, so we take
care of athletes of all kinds, from weekend golfers to high-level and competitive football
players. So anything from people with cervical disc herniations, which present themselves
as arm pains and can be fairly disabling, to very serious problems where people’s bowel
and bladder functions are affected because of spinal cord compression, or from stenosis,
which is kind of from more degenerative problems of low back pain that are unresolved with
conservative treatments. Throughout the course of the clinic, we talk to the patients, we
examine them, take x-rays, and review MRIs, CT scans, or whatever imaging they may have
had done. At the end of the visit, I want the patient to feel comfortable that they
were treated properly, that they were treated with respect, and that they have a plan for
treatment and improvement in the future. We’re here to help, we’re not just going to do different
kinds of tests and all that kind of stuff, we’re here to figure out what’s causing their
pain and to try to treat their pain in the most conservative fashion possible. And, the
majority of the time, it doesn’t wind up being surgery. We start with easy things, like giving
people time to get better, trying some light medications, putting people in physical therapy.
If those things don’t work, sometimes people may need spinal injections. Surgery is usually
the last resort. It’s usually never the first choice. The best advice I can give to new
patients is to be honest. Essentially, what we ask is that we have a good picture of what’s
going on. The better we get to know you, the easier it is for us to help you. We try to
do that with our questionnaire, but certainly the more complete the history, the better
picture that we can have. If your back is preventing you from doing the things in life
that you want to do, we need to know. Don’t try and downplay things and don’t try and
hide anything. The more honest you are with how the pain is affecting your life, the easier
it is for us to help you. I’m Dr. Nayan Patel. My name is Raj Arakal. I’m Dr. Rey Bosita,
I’m a spine surgeon at Texas Back Institute.

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