Texas A&M School of Law Community Development Clinic – Byron Bailey

My name is Byron Bailey; I am a 3L here
at the Texas A&M University School of Law and I am in the Community
Development Clinic. I chose to come to law school because in high school I was
a part of a similar internship program in which I was able to intern with a
couple of attorneys and they both were amazing. They were very great
people, held in very high regard, very esteemed people. But what I really enjoyed most about them as attorneys is their ability to learn just about anything. You
know I consider myself a lifelong learner and so whether they were in a
car wreck case, you know there was a car wreck case, you know they had learn about how
cars function. Also about physical therapy, you know if there’s medical
malpractice they need to know the routine procedures about medical
procedures. All those types of things really interested me as a
high school student, that’s what made me really want to come to law school so
I could become a lifelong learner and achieve that goal. My experience what the clinics
have been phenomenal I’m actually like the old guy in the clinics being that
this is my third clinic. I was in the Trademarks Clinic, I was in the
Entrepreneurship Clinic, and now I’m in the Community Development Clinic. What I really love about all of these clinics is that I am able to interface
with the clients, hear their problems, help solve their problems, but most
importantly, I’m able to see the happiness on their face, to see them
achieve their goals or start off to achieving their goals, which is very
invaluable for me. I would definitely recommend the clinic experience based
off its practicality alone. I was able to work with clients, I was able
to set my own schedule, you know things that you don’t really do in the
classroom. You know you take classes such as Business Associations, Business
Organizations where you learn about partnerships, entities, forming
entities, and things of that nature, you know dissolution of entities. However when you have an Entrepreneurship Clinic or a Community
Development Clinic where you are able to see those pieces move and actually help
strategize and move those pieces together. It really helps — the experience
to be able to attain the status of a first year attorney.

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