Testimonial of Solutions Recovery Drug and Alcohol Rehab Center

My name is Damien and I’ve been sober for
nearly 5 months. I got started using, drinking hanging out
with friends a little older than me, it just kind of happened. I was 15 years old when
I started using, pretty much started everything at the same time.
Meth-amphetamines was the drug started on, I started using with older guys that were
already out of school, and then shortly I was out of school. It didn’t take long for
me to say, you know, I don’t want to go anymore. So I would say months after me starting, I
was already done, dropped out of school. Oh, uh, that lead to 20 continuous years of
using, jail a bunch of times, run-ins with the law, fines, jobs, missing out on a lot
of possible opportunities in life. Rocky relations with my family, which is a small family, which
is one of my biggest regrets, thankfully that’s back in my life, but a lot of bad things came
out of
it but nothing good. It had been popping in and out over the last,
it started about, actually I told myself if I was still using when I turned 30 I had a
problem and I’d probably be using for the rest of my life. I turned 30 and that came
and went, got to about 32 and then started juggling the idea of really wanting to quit
and not being able to. And it got to me nearly losing a great job that I’ve had for the last
11 years, which is my life, nearly losing that job to finally saying, all right I’ve
got to do something about this. So I actually contacted my work and told them, and they
turned me on to the program and it was the best decision I’ve ever made in my life.
Everything is just, I’ve been a positive person my whole life, except when I’m in the dumps
about being depressed and being on drugs, and now that that is out of the equation,
my life is great right now. They thought I was crazy like, why is this guy so happy,
and I was just so relieved, I’ve finally got somewhere and I felt like the demons had been
lifted off my shoulders. I was finally doing something about my addiction, not just trying
to do it on my own because I was failing. So yea, the program was a god send.

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