In the previous vlog … What happened is that he had an asthma attack. I mean, years have passed, I think there were more than 15 years that he had an attack and he can not believe it, I think that from now Rafa has to travel with the inhaler because I’m really scared. It’s like 12 o’clock, 1 a.m., but I really got scared because Rafa was with paramedics and everything, and this was because… I don’t know… – Hello! – Hello, polinesios. I already feel better polinesios. Well, Polinesios we’re here in the hospital, they put me this serum, you know how I hate, hate injections, they gave me this, it hurts a lot… But I already feel better, really, people here are super friendly. I really felt super calm when the paramedics arrived. I believe that those who have asthma, you know, there comes a time when you say “I’m going to die, I’m not breathing”, but I’m fine. Ready, Polinesios, we’re back at the hotel, I feel much better. I can walk well, I can talk, I still get tired of walking, but now I’m going to sleep. They told me that if I feel well, I can do the activities of tomorrow, I hope that I don’t have to stay here. Hey Polinesios! How are you? We are not so happy because Rafa isn’t here with us, because he is resting, we come here, everything is snowed, all roads are snow, and what we are going to do is… We’re going to have a dog sled ride! and we’re going to meet the puppies that are going to be with us, so we can caress, touch and give them a little bit of love. They already got excited, they already know that are going for a walk. They will give us instructions on how to handle the sled and our team of puppies. She’s the worst driving. Ready, Polinesios, I’m going to get on this sled. Karen, are you going to drive? Yes, I will drive, this is regrettable, did you know? I’ve never driven in life and I’m going to drive a sled. -I mean, my life depends on you? -Yes I think I did not hear the instructions well. Is this the brake? I have to have it almost all the time because I do not want to die. I feel like a baby in the stroller. Ready! Ok, they just changed me because I’m not good at driving, I let go of the sled and I should not have done it and the dogs ran very fast. Polinesios where we are at this moment is a frozen lake, but it is amazing, surrounded by snowy mountains, it is beautiful, we are still here in our sleigh. It is the best experience. See how pretty little dogs. They have to rest. You are taking us. I already went back to the sleigh trip and now the puppies are eating. They give them dog food with chicken soup, a little chicken and water. Is it your morning exercise? Only this and already today. They are the whole team that we had today. One who went before us, those who always go in front are the ones who listen best, I mean, those who pay the most attention to rules and regulations, that is why they are the leaders and normally the females say that they are the smartest. We are going to explain a little bit. This is a tradition that has been done since 1985 and it is only tourist, they do not do races or anything like that and they do it for the fun of the puppies, for the tourist’s fun, and the dogs as you know have to go running , go out for a walk and these dogs, as they are super big, run in a herd. They work four days and they rest three, they take great care of them, they are super spoiled, they give them their food and they love them a lot. The biggest are five years old, the youngest are two years old and in fact they told us that their training is from two to three years, they are three rows of puppies, the first row are the leaders, the ones in front of them and they have been three years of training, those in the middle are the ones who direct and the ones in the back are the strongest, those who pull… They are super spoiled are very very friendly. The walk and everything is the most exciting thing, you say “I can not believe that this really happens, it’s amazing!”. So let’s continue with this adventure! Polinesios, we came to look for Rafa because he told us that he already felt better so we said “we can not do the next activity without him”. We have been 20 minutes looking for him because he said he was here. Kid! -What are you doing? -What happened? I bought some boots for the cold because yesterday I got sick and I have the theory that it was because they got their feet wet. Since I had some normal sneakers that are these, that is, they do not work for snow. We told you that before we got here. Yes, but I thought that those sneakers were fine, but we already realized that it’s not like that. Let’s go now because it’s already too late. Let’s continue the adventure! And we arrived at our next destination which is… The wolf puppet sanctuary. It is a mixture between dogs and wolves and they can not be outside because they could not survive, but they could not be in the house because if not they would be a bit wild, so they stayed in the limbo and for them to not be outside, they made this place for them. They were explaining to us that it is not like in the movies that wolves attack you if you are in a forest, that it does not happen, that wolves do not socialize with humans. So if you see them a little, they just run like this super far away and so it’s what these wolfhounds have that being dogs, they get a little closer, but not so much and it takes about 3 months to get used to a human and to create a link. It’s not as simple as a dog, but it is not like a wolf that get scared and leave. What’s more, we can not give them in the mouth like a normal dog, because they are a little bit wild. We have to throw it away. Let’s see, there it goes. He didn’t want it. Here are two sections and there is one where the most wolves are and another one where are the ones that are more dogs, we are now with the wolf dogs that are more puppies than wolves. See how they approach, the others did not come near at all. This one is rounded, they don’t like it that much. Eat it! Well, it’s fine, I’ll give you the flat one. You he likes it, he likes this one. The still have wolves inside them, let’s caress them and they don’t let you. It moves away from you, Rafa. He moves away from me! It’s like Koko who does not love you. I’m going to give him love every five minutes, for five minutes until he loves me. He turned! Karen, you’re not a wolf, you’re never going to belong with this hair color. Poinesios, here is a situation: Karen says that she is called Wolf, Lesslie says that she is called Wolf and I call myself a wolf. We are going to put a poll, so that the Polinesios vote wisely let’s tell you the characteristics. Okay? Number one are unsociable, number two does not like human contact and they are territorial. With those three characteristics, you put in the survey that is coming out at this moment who they think would be more wolf. So vote, Polinesios. Polinesios, OMG! See this, that’s a deer. Nooo! It is running away. There are two deers. Wow, see that, see that, see that! I can not believe it, never in my life had I seen deers so close and in nature. We found them again, they are there See Polinesios, there they are. Let’s see if they do not escape now that we get closer I do not know if they are going to feel attacked when we get too close. Two things can happen, or they escape or they attack us. I can not believe it, see it so suddenly that you did not expect it to happen and you have it here in front of you, it is her baby, I mean… Well, we are quite close and they do not run away so much, so maybe they are not so afraid of humans. Polinesios we are in a deer meeting. Oh what happened! Maybe it’s the family: dad, mom and son Ok we’re about two meters away from them, let’s see how much we can get closer. It got scared! No no no we do not want to scare them, let’s go, it’s better. Now we’re in downtown Banff Alberta. And we come here to discover what this city has. There’s a lot of shopping. So let’s go! Polinesios, we have just arrived at the paradise of Canadian sweets, everything is maple. Super vintage! How beautiful is the roof, I love everything. Swallowing the maple and Rafa watching the ceiling. Ok, we have different priorities in life. Polinesios, I just bought edible money 10 euros? Well, what do I tell you? They taste like sugar money. Polinesios! Now it’s time to eat and in this place there are many restaurants, so they will give us to try super delicious things that are incredible, so let’s go! Polinesios, it is time to eat and we started with a table only with breads. Salmon, chicken and they are great. And for my health I have something special that is humus that I love and olives. Healthy food for me. Now they brought us a delicious and tasty fondue. So… We wrapped it in the cheese to eat it and it was time for dessert. A chocolate cake. Oh no! It’s very good. It is very delicious. Polinesios, now they brought us some cookies, I think they want to make us fat, because it’s really too much food that they have brought us and I can not eat anymore, it’s too much. Well, Polinesios, now we’re leaving. If you liked this video give it a lot of love and see you in the next video. Goodbye, Polinesios! I love you!


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