Terminator:Resistance Gameplay Part 2 Scary Hospital

but fam well fellow so welcome back to
another gameplay up termini ever resistant my name is Joseph so welcome
back to my channel of Joseph gamer for life no I heard that like some people
say that oh game like five hours over two hours right damn fella if you play
on easy mode you finish the game really quickly like fly like a freaking
dragonfly but operating normal I will take my time to check everywhere okay that’s not good that must have
moved on to that hospital all right I’ve got everything
what’s the status on that factory Colin can you hear me call it shit oh and
that’s not good it now sound good at all it’s not Oh new Spears level for new
skill point also don’t want to talk about fam now I talked about Bella
all right let me see by the skill what I can use lock-picking they’re real
all right so radical bad I don’t know I think so I go back
Oh No maybe maybe Oh have a check here yes easy as above five so as easy as a
stinky I like a be alright so because your yeah I don’t her
something I know I heard something how’d it go
look yeah I’m here okay I don’t see no d800 or t1000 or TS
don’t see Wando I’m gonna wrong right way yeah I am alright okay
let go that go this way so they’re here now ah crap know what yeah
go back how’s it go back do a side mission
I’ll finish side mission I freaking knew it
alright cool cool cool that cool with me we need to you’re like dumb explore a
little bit more oh good that’s good alright so let go let go back alright
you know hi out keep going now this I remember correctly where
you’re going going back for this I remember I think so can’t destroy this alright I go neck go back oh crap Arielle
perfect thanks over going albeit way Ariel oh crap cool okay yeah went the
wrong way had to go the other way okay so I got lost track right now
lost track very lost track alright okay saving like a good sign because I
do alright and also of my channel will grow a little bit more at Priam SLA I
like it I like it I like ya know ballad that I won’t do we know kids stop game
no okay where is it where other safe house because okay and they saw her go fat this way I’m so lost now where is it okay I know I came right over here all
right oh oh oh okay so I came here ah crash crap crap crap crap crap crap crap crap
crap so I can’t go back darnit house finish – my main objective okay cool
oh is this is a cool all right cool all right so let’s go continue our main
mission may each other fuck man you gotta be shitting me
alright alright act that cool knuckle with me have a ball with that huh no
problem oh crap second the soil I hurt no one ah I’ll add therefore the
wrong one Ariel a perfect perfect as you destroy
all right at Corral in here like it’s a measure
any checking every area because like a V survivor or game like bruh zero like
this one little a sauce or any other survivor game make sure check your area
AV area before you leave just in case you never know you never know fam you
never know what could could be used for so there you go cool okay we got no
safehouse that good okay give it check right about here I
cool cool I cold make sure all right cool see let me I’m
doing a right way uncheck taking my time I don’t like I’m not in the rush or
anything I said take my time to check every area it’s a
major what you need oh my back hit the wrong button always hit the wrong button
I need something with that all right okay I don’t see nothing in here oh this
is where we came from okay this is where we came from I remember correctly I
remember our Maribelle okay okay when you get in there but uh-huh okay cool
so we got that Danny Kaye in there check in here now i’ma save it like
every single time you never know that you’re going to don’t get killed by t800
or even worse so you never know fam you never know okay cool
so what time is it all right so I’m bout ready on a
positive game in the main in a minute because I get um salad because eating
healthy is very good yes not pause again me in a minute to check every single
place and I am so okay cool ah come on now
except broke it come on Arielle I’ll poke a – time then that
good fam they’re not good all right cool
all right so I made sure I got AV items just right up there we go that is sister
why thank you so we got like a Alicia part metal part
and every day so I can show oh my gosh can we check in here yes okay cool right there blue circle right there look
I need check it cool thing anything else I miss so anything else okay go destroy that and the hacking device
so okay all right cool almost miss that you see that BAM sway
that part all right okay check in here oh my gosh tell me carry off oh wow night destroy cool
oh crap hey see it hey real cool that destroy oh that’s way what the hell cool can’t get up there all right
okay that good up I kill it destroy that katana everything that good
it’s good it’s good let me check everywhere yes no a lot of
thick pestilent all right Pam so I’m gonna love also right here any minute
this ain’t in a game play fuck Ariel I’m gonna pause right here for a moment
I’d be back any minute fam because I’m gonna give me salad all
right I’ll be right back okay fellows so I’m back
so they’re like by second so let’s define second a little bit more well
whatever so I got my bowl of salad I’ll be on do
commentator on off because I love eating salad it’s good for your body go for
your health it’s good so all right so let go this way check out down here alright alright so we check in here I
got that good we did check in there did we went over here before yes with it
okay alright so we’re going back your go through here so okay okay with me tell
what I do here yeah no I don’t have no arm brace no more and I cut my hair and
I want to keep my hair on top there like like I keep it like for two days and
then I look in the mirror like now that guy go how do we do it again wash my
hair blue we we go back again try a different style I love cut hair so
call it where are you can you hear me alright so fire him yeah the reason why I cut my hair in my
braids because next year 2021 in the middle year I’m going back home to
Orlando I miss live Orlando if you guys love live in Orlando or or better if you
guys love Orlando all in those nice place it’s a quiet place chuckles go
talk to me anyway Lando is kawaii but he’s like there’s some cheap apartment
everything up there inputs there are lots of job opportunity up there I’m
taking a job of your Versalles through Orlando for part time I try or more any
more money and better future like you’d become a big youtuber it’s my big future no no oh he killed him
it’s a TA Hodja Jacob rivers marked for termination
I know it oh it’s John Koerner talk on it and come
out who’s it are you alright Jacob Jacob how you know my name hours later they found me lying in front
of her hideout I made it out alive but not all of us did it
Colin’s dead and a stranger I saw is nowhere to be found I told them about
everything I said that it wasn’t safe for them to be with me
but Jennifer suggested that right now nowhere is safe so we might as well
stick together everyone pulled through as we prepared for the worst but nothing
happened Jacob are you awake
how long have you been sitting there not that long I I know that you’re going to
that hospital today so I went on my first Gavin g1 and I found something for
you thank you you’re welcome did you go with your sister you know as
soon as Aaron heard that there’s a hospital nearby she asked Jennifer to go
look for some medicine so I went alone but don’t tell her that
okay she’s already at the medical district yep oh and Ryan wanted to talk
to you heat from the plasma rifle cauterize the
wound that’s why he’s not bleeding bits damage
to the skin made the burn prone to infection that’s what we need to worry
about Wow verily smart I learned all that before the war and thanks to
judgement day I didn’t even have to pay off my student loan to say jazz my day that’s like Terminator 2 Judgment Day
Wow okay now sit roll over fetch we’ve got a lot to learn
uh-huh hey I don’t you wanted to talk to me good to see you
finally turn the corner I wanted to talk to you I’m starting to get worried about
Jennifer it’s been a while than at my age I try to worry as little as possible
if you see her out there send her back okay now is that bus coming along I’ll make a
run again don’t worry about it besides a couple of rusty rotors they’ve got a
whole lot of character the question is where do we go from here do you remember Judgment Day I do that’s
right I’m that old remember and as good as it used to be however there are some
images that stand out in my mind my brother Tucker hitting on this lady
guard people covered in mud but for the life of me I can’t remember the name of
that band you have a brother I did older brother
he was a ladies man we didn’t have tickets to the concert but he knew have
a charm a lady she let us in Wow him I tagged along like I always did
yeah it was one of those outdoor festivals when we got em we decided to
climb this metal tower to get a bit of a view in the stage you know so as we’re
watching this band played their hearts out we see a burst of bright ugly light
I went blind for a while couldn’t you look away there’s no
escaping it lit up the sky lighting every peak ridge is a nearby mountain
range something only a nuclear bomb could do my bloodshot eyes the only
other thing I could see clear there was a people below me being crushed tower we
were clinging on to started shaking finally gave in after the shock wave
from the explosion I closed my eyes and it started falling off to the people
below what am I thinking of I’m usually a light hearted guy why don’t we talk
about something more positive oh god I remember the name that band now it was
captured by robots okay cool
I saw any go this right I have power and be right back for more all right so sorry so hydrate stomach a
jewelry because iterate is our taste way better than water because water suck
Gatorade is better that saying for water boy from water boy so this okay so where we go five Jennifer all
right who are you sorry it’s bad enough with
those creepy noises every once in a while there’s this unbearable scream
coming from that Hospital we need to see what’s going on let’s move
ok ok Wakko seen Mikey picking locks is kind of my thing
Oh voila pick a lot this year Danes okay
cool looks like a silverfish got him there every scavengers nightmare look
this poor guy is still holding a sound decoy sound decoy
new resistance guys just shooted everything that moves don’t you silver
fish are sensitive to noise so before it pops up from the ground and starts
chasing you throw a sound decoy Durrani nearby silverfish away I guess you can
take it you won’t be needing it anyway did you hear that
that’s a sound I was talking about I don’t think you should go any further
now what about you I have to go that could be the resistance I understand I stupid asking you this but Aaron wanted
me to find some antibiotics for mark I know I’m not making it easy on you if
you’re in there and you find some sheep we would really appreciate it I’ll see
what I can do and remember that your gun won’t do you any good against
terminators so when you see one do what I do sneak past them I’ll be waiting for
you at the hideout take care all right thank you hey so we go ham I left you a hacking device it’s in the
basement of a building on the Main Street it will help you get inside that
hospital right now you need to start answering some questions right now hello
okay yes cool awesome got some stuff that good don’t miss that all right I go Arielle cool so close to clear not good oh and this like Arielle that’s all you see here’s this one Oh yes this one cool area oh oh crap just in case all right back all that
there all right coke open okay how come by now okay cool god okay cool this is it I seem to the song okay cool I go all right made all that way okay they got Bo way damn I still don’t like that sound I’ll go back down here because they gotta be our way it’s gotta be your way you copy Oh clap down now close call get worse
what the heck is that bear weighs on me area go go go go oh fuck damn it roll
over go keep going go go okay okay I gotta good area cool oh man some more don’t Wells all right I’ll go I died I am still alive cool all right hi busted their body oh thank you aimed by here okay I don’t see nothing coming in here Oh take Hydra they did
is from the resistance the others have to be here too okay so safe okay those are okay oh fuck it’s coming it’s coming
don’t go oh man go Oh Kosar go
hey fuckers oh fuck clothes are crap
that’s right there damn Oh I’m trapped I’m trapped
it’s right there go Oh gather fellow dad alright friends so I’m gonna stop right
here so thank you for watching Oh chummy air resistant not rape you today don’t
forget could they like strike Tommy’s hair thank for check out my channel up
don’t forget my fly alright see ya

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