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[Music] When it comes to healthcare, every city has its
own challenges, but one problem
we all face across Canada is how we reach the most
vulnerable communities. When I was first an
outreach nurse, it was just walking on the
sidewalks, in the parks finding people and providing
care on the spot, on a bench, in the bathroom, even just sitting on the
sidewalk doing blood tests. It wasn’t easy. Although we could have contact
and good contacts with people, there were so many people
that we couldn’t reach. The mobile clinic was such an
innovative and amazing tool. It just changed the
way we worked. Great, so we are coming to do
for a screening, right? – Yes.
– Great. We had the electronic medical
record from TELUS Health. The MR technology enables us
to follow the patient. What did we do last time?
What did we prescribe? And just facilitates
the connection and the follow up that
we can do with the patient. So most of our patients
have privacy concerns. In the mobile clinic no one
can see who’s inside, what we are doing, and what
we are talking about. So it’s giving space
for people to talk about their health
in total dignity. In the mobile clinic, what
we want to do is be the bridge between the street
and the health system. So it’s kind of the first step, bringing the person
into the system. The mobile clinic is one of
its kind here in North America. When it came to designing it,
it was a real challenge. So that’s when Carl Mulvey the
architect came in. We were super impressed
with the whole idea, and we worked to try to
compress everything you might find in a conventional
medical clinic into the smaller space that
you find inside a van. It’s like a no-frills kind of
design in that there isn’t a whole
lot of space to move, but it all works well. I’m so happy that
something so tiny is making such a
positive impact. For most people, when you’re sick you just go
in your car or take the bus and
go to the hospital. But when you don’t have a home,
you don’t have a car, that’s the real challenge. With the mobile clinic it was
possible to see more patients, provide better care, and make regular connection with
the people that we are serving. All right, we’re done an you make a pressure
with your hand. Great. Having these vans in our most
vulnerable neighborhoods can only create better
patient outcomes. I’m proud to be part of a team that’s improving the way
we provide healthcare.

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