Telling our story at the Memphis VA Medical Center

♬ (Melody) (Knocking) Oh excellent, Dear sir, I’m writing to
tell you about my experience with the VA Medical Center at Memphis, it’s a vital
part of our community because: I came in as a full quadriplegic and with the help
of my rehab team I’m able to walk and use my hands again. Because cardiac problems are common among Veterans We in the cardiac catheterization laboratory take care of Veterans with quadrant artery disease Because we have comprehensive mental health programs here such as the suboxone clinic that
treat opiate addiction. Because we care for the critical needs of our patients Because it has enhanced my health and my strength Because the VA allow me to have full professional autonomy to best meet the
needs of the Veteran Because Veterans have needs
we provide contract nursing home services, homeless services, community
home health services, and many other services to meet those needs Because we get to put a smile on these Veterans faces by serving them three nutritious meals that they may not get outside the VA Medical Center Because the emergency department is dedicated to serving emergent needs of the Veteran population Because they’ve earned it and because they’ve bought us our freedom I would not be alive if not for the exceptional medical professionals at the VA Medical
Center at Memphis These folks have exemplified the
tradition of providing the best medical care available to America’s Veterans. Their dedication to service reflects great credit upon themselves, their community and the VA Medical Center at Memphis ♬ (Melody)

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