Tele-health pilot clinic for people with Type-1 Diabetes

UTS Health opening title – piano music My name’s Lin Perry. I’m professor of nursing
at the University of Technology, Sydney. I work with academic colleagues and with the
diabetes clinicians in Hunter / New England to develop and support services for people
with type-1 diabetes. Across the big geographical area of Hunter
/ New England, many people live many hours from the sort of city services that are available
here in Newcastle. And that’s a big problem, that’s a problem for everyone living with
Type-1 diabetes but particularly for those who use insulin pumps. Our team has the good fortune to have been
successful in an application for funding to the Juvenile Diabetes Research Fund in the
type-1 diabetes clinical research network. This is the first time that JDRF have funded
pilot feasibility work. Hunter / New England has an extensive tele-health network that’s
available and this provides high grade video conferencing facilities which links clinicians
with patients and their community teams right across the whole of the area. %% music %% We’re planning to develop a dedicated insulin
pump clinic. One that will take advantage of apps and mobile technology that’s currently
available which makes it much easier for patients to communicate their progress with their diabetes
to their healthcare providers. It’s well recognised that specialist support
outside of metropolitan areas is very difficult to come by. This funding is just a start but it will enable
us to develop and fine-tune this clinic. Type-1 diabetes is a hard disease to live
with and until there’s a cure available it’s really important that we do all we can to
support the people who are living with it to get the best outcomes. This funding will take us some steps in the
right direction.
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