Tejal Patel, MD – North Shore Physicians Group – Saugus

I’m Tejal Patel, I’m a family medicine physician
and I work at North Shore Physicians Group practice in Saugus. I did my residency in
one of the community hospitals at Wheeling, known as Wheeling Hospital in West Virginia
and I was the chief resident there. I think family medicine is very interesting
because you take care of not one person but the whole family at the same point.
Hence, you get to know the whole family. From the very beginning I found family medicine
really interesting and I feel the same way today. I don’t see myself being something
else besides a physician. I really enjoy when you are trying to work
with a patient and trying to work on their health and you see an improvement.
That gives me immense satisfaction at the end of the day. I really love this place,
I have been here for the past 4 months but I have fallen in love with this place.
People are very nice, very comfortable to talk to, very friendly atmosphere, I really
enjoy working here.

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