Teddy: Certified Pet Therapy Dog | Tufts Medical Center

Teddy is a three and a half year old toy poodle who is a therapy dog. He comes to Tufts every two weeks to visit the pediatric section as well as labor and delivery and sometimes cardiomyopathy. He is a sweet dog, a calm dog. He’s full of energy and small but mighty just like our patients. The minute I say let’s go to work he gets excited and I put on his special collar and we come here and he tails wagging the entire time from the parking garage till we arrive to the building. Having a certified animal visit children in the hospital can be so therapeutic for them as there’s so much going on around them that they don’t have control over. Many patients have animals at home that they miss incredibly and to have a visit even for a few minutes with one of our animals you really be very calming and relaxing to that child in our family. For more information on becoming a pet therapy visitor visit petpartners.org

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