TEAM OREGON Motorcycle Safety Program

TEAM OREGON is a statewide motorcycle rider
training program that we have training sites in 24 locations around the state, we employ
220 instructors that teach roughly 12,000 riders each year on safe and responsible motorcycle
operation. TEAM OREGON started May 1st, 1984, we’re
about ready to celebrate our 30th anniversary of TEAM OREGON, part of the Public Health
and Human Sciences college, and we’ve been here for those 30 years. Motorcycle rider training in Oregon consists
of four courses that we provide for the public, we’ve got beginning rider training, intermediate,
experienced and advanced rider training in our civilian programs. And we also offer two
courses for our police motor officers, that’s an advanced course and a high-speed course
that we provide for them. What it includes is classroom time where we spend time talking
about what are the risks involved in riding a motorcycle, where do the risks present themselves,
what do you need to know as a motorcycle rider to be safe on the streets. And we spend 10
hours with them roughly on the range practicing basic riding skills, how to get under way,
how to turn, shift, stop the motorcycle. And then we move into some of what we call street
survival skills, advanced braking, quick stops, swerving exercises and how to maneuver the
motorcycle to respond to hazards that are presented before you. And that’s pretty
much the way that it goes for all of our courses. We’ll train 12,000 riders a year and the
time that we’ve been at TEAM OREGON we’ve trained 138,000 riders across the state. Our goal is to improve the safety and the
health of the riders that we impact and that’s our mission. Oregon was recognized, TEAM OREGON particular
is the number 1 state in best practices in motorcycle safety um and so based upon that
and the work that we’ve done in research, the work that we’ve done in curriculum development,
based upon the research that we find in motorcycle crashes has drawn quite a bit of national
attention to TEAM OREGON and call for us to come out and to work with their states, their
communities to try to move them towards the best practices as well. The question often comes up, how do you know
if you’re making a difference in motorcycle safety and the research that we’ve done
looking at motorcycle crashes and motorcycle fatalities in particular, we point to motorcycle
fatalities in Oregon are less than half the national rate per 10,000 registered motorcycles. We are proud of the work that we’ve been
doing over the last 4 or 5 years to create interactive simulations for motorcycle rider
training, that’s not been done anywhere else we can’t find any models that we can
go from and so TEAM OREGON has been creating an online interactive solution for motorcycle
safety so riders can recognize what the risks are in the environment and get a chance to
interact with that. So the new what we call e-rider is being tested right now with real
riders in our beginning and intermediate rider training program and they get a chance to
interact with motorcycle scenarios. Our goal as an organization, a motorcycle
safety organization has been to change the culture of motorcycle riding which is to create
an awareness of the risks, to create an awareness of protective gear and safety precautions
that you can make and to that end the e-rider program is meeting that with the training
that we provide. So in addition to rider training, we have
an extensive effort in community outreach. We need to get to the groups and the organizations
where they live and where they play and so part of that culture change is to meet them
at their rally’s to meet them at their events, to meet them at dealer shows and various functions
that the motorcycle community hosts and to have booths displays and to engage the communities
and to let them know that motorcycle safety is a presence and it’s a daily event. You
need to be mindful of your safety at all times and so TEAM OREGON is going to stay in the
vision of the rider community and we’re going to continue in this regard into the
future and so I look forward for the next 30 years of TEAM OREGON of continuing to provide
high quality, effective motorcycle rider training and outreach and community awareness across
the state.

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  1. I get to take my basic rider classes on June 20-23, 2014! I'm excited about taking it with Team Oregon 🙂 I have all my safety gear and am inspired by the number of women I see riding.

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